Friday, February 26, 2010

missing this girl...

i miss this girl so much.
everyone ALWAYS thinks she is older.
probably b/c she's:
has better style than me
laid back
a hippie
lives in africa
i can't wait to see her: 76 days....
i already want to pack.
i love her so.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

how old am i?


87 years old????

katie's shower!

Katie had her Wedding Shower Saturday.
Kim, Ann, and Becky threw it for her.
It was in an amazing club house.
with AMAZING food and drink.
And amazing friends.

praying for katie and patrick

opening gifts!

katie's mom gave this to her,
apparently she had hung it in her dormroom freshman year.
katie's comment "I was different then..."

Note the apron: Creedon Kitchen

her friend Carm freaking made this box.
the actual box, not just the wrapping.

inside the amazingly cute box
this homemade cake stand
(vintage plate and candle holder glued together)
more on these later.
but i made her these reusable sandwich wraps

this paper i got at the thrift store:
it's vintage wallpaper!!!!

the bowls bethany and i got katie

erin & i were in charge of making te rehearsal bouquet

lauren, katie, carm

katie, becky

ann, katie, kim, becky

kim, katie, emily

katie's mom, katie, linda

bethany, katie, erin, liz

college friends

more college friends

the cupcakes i got kt to take home!

Monday, February 15, 2010


i've been feeling rebelious lately.
and i have been wanting to do this for a long time.
so today, i did it.
see story below.
we made it to the tattoo shop.
my artist was Cami.
she offered me a sucker.

i took it.
(cami looks drunk, but she's not, she was super super sweet)

cami cleaning my nose

about to stab me

actually stabbing me with an 18 gauge needle.
tears came pouring out my eyes.
although it hurt really badly, it was over fast!

cleaning the bloody mess!

my nose.
kinda red
a little bloody still.
my goody bag!
sea salt, soap, q tips, the hoop for later.
thanks bethany for going with me!!!

Love 146

this year for valentines day,
cam and i decided not to do anything for each other.
over $13 billion is spent on vday each year,
and i think that is such a waste.
so we decided to go to our dear friend, Shellie's,
non-profit fund raiser.
It was at the fabulous Pomegranate Place
and it was just a measly $10 donation to get in.
it was benefitting Love 146
whic is a program started to
end child sex slavery and trafficking.
it is an amazing cause.
so please go to the link above for a great website,
some videos, and some great stories.
on a brighter note, there were a million amazing desserts
provided by local businesses (cheesecake factory, whole foods, etc)
and made by some awesome girls, and wine donated by
local liquor stores!!!!
this mansion was beautiful and i want to live there.
i loved every single thing about it.
my photos don't do it justice.

this is shellie with the amazing black pants, and super high heels.
the bar.

love the hearts
and on the table is a "tree" with heart ornaments on it for sale.

see how cute!
and the candle holders were made by shellie and emily
from poured concrete (into paper cups, and then cups torn away once dry)

yummy amazing food

(and delicous)

every bit of stationary and sign and everything, SO CUTE
(did i mention shellie's a graphic designer/interior designer?)
oh, well she is.
the room where the video was playing
and bethany looking all hip

I want to steal this bathroom
(they said it was being renovated, but i kinda like it how it is)

umm, yelllow tile border? yes please!

coming down the stairs, looking at front door.

me and b
(if you in this pic from the blog, b and i are wearing the EXACT same thing that we did to the gentry wedding, but just over jeans (b/c it was super cold last night) we totally didnt do it on purpose, but it was really funny)

s and b
i love love love this pic

L and C
isn't he so cute in his cardigan?
it was a great night
and such a good cause
good food
good drink
good friends
good times.
In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.
-mother teresa


thursday cam and i decided to go out to dinner
kinda for vday, but kinda just because.
we got these gift certificates from
this place for $1, you have to spend $35, but get $25 off
so essentially you pay $11 for a $35 meal.
anyway, we ate at: Pi
and it was cool.
we rode the lightrail there and back.
we are such city goers now :)
it was a perfect evening!

we weren't planning on matching

pomegranite mojito

not water... but i made him do this pose

riding the lightrail home :)
perfect vday!