Thursday, June 27, 2013


we were headed to Kaos Pizza to eat dinner with a friend.
i didn't plan to take amazing photos.
but we were walking by some flowers
and i had hazel look at me & the flowers.
i sent them thru instagram
and voila!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

where in the world is hazel my little baby

i made hazel lay on a piece of paper
and i traced her.
then we drew clothes and decorated.
when i had her do this, that drawing looked SOOOOO big!
where did my baby go?

 later that day we babysat ethan.
he is amazing.
he is 10mo old and wearing 2T clothes!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

splash pad

 hazel, axel, and autumn
 add in aspen

 watermelon isn't messy...

autumn and i took the kids to the splash pad,
it's only $1 per person to get in, and we had so much fun!
A and I hadn't anticipated getting soaked... but we ran through the water more than the kiddos.
it was so much fun and we were all pooped!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

june 18 & 19

oh hazel, you are so weird...
that's a plastic flower pot on her head...
 even though i made fun of kirstin so much
for liking these devilish cookies,
i ended up loving them and making ice cream with them
 the 19th it was super duper hot,
so hazel and i headed to Pirate's Cove
a mini-like water park.
she's still free, so i was down with going.
we were armed with snacks and sunscreen!

 we both had fun, but boy was she tired.
that evening we made corn
(but instead of on the grill b/c we had run out of propane, i had to make it in the oven)

Monday, June 17, 2013

7th anniversary

apparently the traditional 7th anniversary gift is copper or wool.
so cam could ave gotten me a penny or a sheep?
instead, we got a babysitter
and headed to the low country dining place on pearl street.

it was delish, and i am glad we are married :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

father's day

making ice cream :) with dad
 saturday we celebrated a little early for cam
and i purchased some lawrence free state brews while visiting sus.
so he got a little tasting!
 sunday on actual fathers day,
cam went to work on his dis. 
and h and i headed to church.
this was the dress grandma got her in kansas!

 seriously, when did she get so old????
this was the last pic i have of dad...
miss you daddy.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

lawrence visit

after work saturday, i went to bed early after i packed the car up.
i woke up at 4am to drive to kansas to see sus and fefe.
i scoured pinterest for how to travel alone with a toddler...
and came up with:
pretty much have a billion different things available
prizes to unwrap every 30 min if need be
movies (of course the dvd player broke, but we had the ipad)
toys that she hadn't seen in awhile
and a new baby
i woke H up and we headed out, about 30 min late... but oh well.
she fell asleep for about 3 more hours, 
and i stopped halfway, Hays I think
we got a snack and played and got back in the car.
she was a champ, and we made it to the next big stop (whatever that was)
and got more food and played.
she fell asleep until right before we made it to sus's house.
she was amazing.
it really made we think, man we could do this a lot!!!!
 she was so excited to see her fefe

 we played in the water at alyson's house
and then headed to the big pool!!!!
mom hadnt made it yet.
 then momma got here!
we played bubbles, did a chia pet with chris, and ate sushi for dinner!
hazel didn't leave any edemame for us :(

 the next day we headed to kansas city
we dressed fefe all up :)
we ended up taking almost all this stuff off
bc he was getting too hot :)

 i can't remember the name of where we ate lunch
but it was delish
and everybody liked their food they ordered the best!
hazel had hummus.

 felix, you are so cool!

 hazel and i tried on matching hats...
they were toddler sized...
at the gap.

 then we headed to Glace for the best ice cream ever!!!!
between me, hazel, sus, and mom we ate 11 scoops!

 hazel fell asleep on the way home.

 then, instead of going to the pool,
we played in the sprinkler with the chickens.

 the next day we walked around lawrence
we went into the coolest toy store
i wanted to stay all day,
but it was getting to be dinner time.
so we walked to the burger place.
i snapped this pic of hazel in her dress from uncle dd.

 gosh, can these kiddos get any cuter!

it was a great trip
and i can't wait for another!