Tuesday, August 24, 2010

on my way home...

we woke up early to head home
we picked up 2 of sus's PC friends who had
just finished their 2 years
and were going to travel before going home.
it was good to have company in the car too.
we kinda got a little lost
and it toooook forever
thank goodness we left when we did.
it was something like 7 hours
we made it literally in the nick of time for sus to catch her
bus back to mbabane, literally minutes.
we couldnt even say bye really
just a quick hug and kiss.
i checked into the airport,
got some food,
then read while i waited to board.
it was sad leaving, but i also missed cameron and schnooze.
little did i know i would be seeing sus in 2 months.
i will cherish this time together forever.
yeah sisters!
she's the BEST traveling partner anyone could ask for.

our campsite
our tent is behind the tree on the left
under an orange tree

bye bye africa
bye bye sus

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lauren and brad said...

glad to see you finished the trip out on here! :)