Monday, May 20, 2013

the girl with the dragon tattoo

we headed to the farmers market
just a couple blocks away
and this awesome lady does free face/arm painting (tips appreciated)
hazel picked a dragon :)
i am not lying that she talked about the dragon ALL WEEK
and kept pointing to her arm saying dragon dragon, dragon bite
then we would ask, a real bit or pretend, and she would say pretend bite :)

 oh yeah, dont forget the SPARKLES

 the next day it was a little chilly,but we headed to the park.
this is what she kept doing, just like her aunt.

 then later we went on a walk, and the sky looked all tornadic
(this was the same time OK was getting hit with the 5/20 tornado)
 and 6 months later, i finally painted the fridge cam made her for xmas.

redid some chairs (in my spare time)

got these chair for $1 each
had oooogly fabric on them
joanns had a sale 40% outdoor fabric.
got 2 yards (so $9 i think)
cut it in half.
followed the pattern of the old fabric.
sewed a few pockets for the wood on top and bottom.
and there ya go!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

just a normal day in the life...

at play group
just sitting in a box

 wearing her baby

homemade tent for H

i followed this tutorial
and it was so super easy.
i got the home depot guys to cut the lumber
and the i drilled the holes and sewed the fabric.
fabric is from the goodwill outlet, less than $1
lumber cost less than $10

Saturday, May 18, 2013

burke's bday

hazel went to burke's bday party
it was space themed!
kirstin always throws amazing parties,
so I couldn't wait to go!

 hazel in her super cute top and gladiator sandals

 i mean, you can't go wrong with a donut bar.
 sweet sassy!

 that strawberry milk is the bane of my existence really..
i hate it... ask me sometime.
 pics of aliens were placed throughout the yard
and these water bottles were to squirt them
 or squirt the ball?
 pi and hazel licking the sprinkles off a glass

 collin and hazel chilled in the wagon awhile
oh yeah, and they were squirting me

 kirst and her amazing photo skills below.
i guess my amazing baby making skillls too :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

my sister snorts

oh fifi how i love you.


i've been juicing.
i don't really know why, but i just am.
maybe i am on the juicing bandwagon or maybe i just want to be healthier.
but, after trying it a few times without a juicer and using the food processor then straining the juice thru a cheesecloth, i decided to steal back my juicer i lent lauren 100 years ago. praise jesus she still had it and WASN'T using it :) they purchased a way better one and just stored mine. true friend = someone that won't be offended when you want something back :)
i started using Kirstin's recipe, then got brave and was making up stuff. i have loved the carrot, beet, apple combo, but freak out everytime i pee, thinking i am bleeding TO DEATH. but then i remember it's the beets.
anyways, i feel like i have more energy, which is good.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2 weeks ago snow, now crazy hot!

playing in the sprinkler
obviously we hadn't prepared for it to be this hot.
nice saggy diapers girls :)

 there was a cute photo of molly and hazel with molly's arm around hazel, but i can't find it.