Thursday, May 26, 2011

20 weeks!!

it is so weird... I'm 1/2 way done! i totally can't comprehend it.
i am starting to feel her more and more!!!
i feel humongous... but i know...just wait..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

19 weeks!!!!!

i am starting to feel her move around, and it is so awesome!
i am headed to belly yoga

rose and scott getting hitched

our friends rose and scott got married this past weekend!
a lot of our friends were in town
we had a blast hanging out with them all
too bad it was the most unlikely weather denver has ever had
it was cold and rainy the WHOLE time.
saturday was the wedding
at 910 arts gallery
it was perfect!

 my handsome husband
 julie, me, laura beth
 cameron and steve doing the "cobra strike"
 LB and steve
 the ceremony and reception were in the same place
and i loved it, we sat where we ate,
so i felt like there were no "brides/grooms sides"
since we are friends with both the bride and the groom.
AND we were pretty much 1 person away from the action
so i could see really well.
rose made all the yellow paper flowers.

 scott, the groom
i told him to make a
"you're getting married face"
 i was zooming in kinda on the last bridesmaid
i loved her shoes/dress/hair
 rose, the bride
her dress was off etsy

 th first kiss!!!!!
 eating appetizers :)

 the latin american buffet :)
 the best man speech by steve
 first dance :)
 partying it up
 i am not sure what my face is doing.
-so i didn't take any pics,
but at the place settings were different homemade fabric napkins, in 4-6 different fabrics, they were perfect, and something we could take home! there was also homemade jam/jelly at each place setting too for us to take! it was such a great wedding! congrats rose and scott, we love you!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

nursery bedding

these are out of order...
but this is the nursery bedding forthe babe.
i hated everything i saw
and what i did like, was sooooo expensive.
so i made it.
i got the fabric at Fancy Tiger
and it's by Joel Dewberry

 the bedskirt

 one of two crib sheets i made
(i will get some plain ones too)

 the second fabric from top is the other crib sheet

i think the above pics were me trying to show you how to sew or something?
i love love love it!

18 weeks

holy belly!!!
i tried to upload the 18 week u/s i got...
but it was too long... i'll try to cut it in half and see if i can add it.
she's still a girl :)
and doing yoga in my belly!
literally, she was doing the happy baby pose :)

Thursday, May 05, 2011

it's a...


this was awhile ago,
i had this great bookshelf dad made for me.
but it wasnt going with all the darker wood in the living room.
so i decided to stain it before baby arrived.

 bombay mahogany
it was way stinkier than i thought
even with the windows open and a fan going
i wore a mask, which helped...
but cam and i both decided to only do 1 coat instead of 2
or we would die.

16 & 17 weeks

can't help but show more belly pics ;)

 this is 16 weeks
on my way to yoga
17 weeks
on my way to walk around wash park, eat lunch with lauren,
then see water for elephants
i think i have thoroughly popped :)