Monday, August 30, 2010

free stuff/thrift store

So, I am a thrift store junkie.
i think it's like my crack.
no, for reals.
when i went a month without buying ANYTHING (may)
the hardest part was not buying food...
it was not being able to go to the thrift store.
i think if i miss a day, i might miss that one
amazing item that the workers won't know they
totally underpriced, or some fabulous thing i can re-do.
needless to say, i have to start cutting back on the thrifting.
it's getting out of control again.
so only 1 item on this page if from goodwill, the rest:
like dumpster diving, but not in the dumpster, just stuff
sitting in the alley, waiting for me!
item 1: piano stool

this is the ulgy lid
it's some kind of fake leather plastic
reminds me of the elks lodge
i gave up trying to get the staples out, and
just cut the fabric around it

ironed fabric
(made 2 layers, 1 of muslin, 1 of my awesome fabric)
for see-througage-ness
and for durability

staple on fabric

trim edges

*fabric from ikea $7/yard- love it!!!!
on trip to dallas for steve's wedding

other 1/2 of piano bench
not that bad, but needed some help
i sanded it first
then applied this stain in EBONY
(to match the fabric)

i did like 37 coats, and it's not exactly how i want it...
so i am debating whether i should just paint it black?
but i think i could make this work???
item #2
ghetto seashell themed 80's side table - found in alley
mirrors included
*probably use in seating area in garage
thought about taking out mirrors and putting
planters in the holes???
item #3
awesome mid century chair- in alley
see changes below
will prob use same fabric as stool above
item #4
twin sized headboard - alley
don't know what i will use this for yet
but i have visions of making it a chalkboard
for a shower or party (with the menu on it)
or stringing twine across and putting pics on it
or hanging it on the wall????

item #5
awesome rocking chair - alley
wil sand and stain dark
perfect when i have a babe!

a couple of coats of gray
still don't have a plan

someone got paint on their nose...

80's table with gray paint

mid-century chair with ebony stain
i love it so!!!
i will probably do another coat of stain
how perfect would the stool and chair be together?
found in garage in rafters:
one old door
i think it looks pretty cool here
there was some random/scary metal grating over the window
so i took that off
part of the window is broken
and i am sure that is lead paint falling off and poisoning my flowers/dogs
but i love it.
i was to incorporate it into a baby shower or something?
now off to bed so i can work the next 6/7 days :(

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hans tripod cannon

It's cancer... Stupid tumor... Have to get it amputated... Will know more tomorrow hopefully :( poor Hans.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


hans had surgery on his right arm yesterday
it was successful
they removed a tumor
we are awaiting the pathology
his leg was deformed when he was born
but they tried to surgically repair it, messed it up even more
he is missing 1/2 is ulna b/c they took it out
and then he got this tumor.
so now, he has the tumor out, and we will see how he does :)
he is so energetic,
and it is hard to keep him
"low impact"
i mean, the dog ALWAYS wants to play.
so he has a bandage on it, that we will change ever 3-4 days
and then he'll get his staples out in 14 days.

they made a cover for his foot when we goes outside
it's made from an empty IV bag :)
when you blow on a bottle,
he cocks his head soooo far to the side
it makes us laugh EVERY time :)
see our make shift bandage until he got surgery?
it's a sock and some gauze...

he is so freaking cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

food from garden

i made pizza mainly from th garden
i made the dough
then sauteed:
eggplant, squash, onions, rosemary, and basil
then put it on the pizza with olive oil
and added some cheese!
it was delish!


this summer i made a clothes line
i love it so.
and anytime i want, i can just move it into the garage!

my scalloped squash
(or whatever you call it)

white eggplant!

butternut squash!


more b-nuts

garden from afar

flowers :)

everything is doing really well!!!!!

Clyde Armstong Riggs

after the memorial bike ride
good friends.