Saturday, August 30, 2008

lip smackers

1. who LOVED lip smackers when they were in middle school/high school?
2. who thinks using my lip smackers celestial strawberry from
highschool is unsanitary and disease laden?
3. who is going to go buy some for nostalic purposes now?

1. mom and david will be here in a few minutes.
2. i had to take a shower at my friend heather's house, b/c poop water was coming out of our toilet, our shower was backing up with some weird black gritty water, and the pipe in the basement was leaking out water from the washing machine. and when cam poured water down the kitchen sink, the toilet overflowed. what in the world. glad we rent. plumber will be here in a couple hours... hopefully... holiday weekend.
3. 3 days off.

Monday, August 25, 2008

the DNC

the DNC

swat team

sheryl crow
with sugarland and DMB

DMB with Tim Reynolds

sad day

hello! wow, the DNC is crazy!

they are going to clse I-25 on thursday (a big portion of it)

I guess for security (it goes right by Invesco Field)

Some peeps that have been spotted already are: spike lee, some other people that I don't know, and Dave Matthews did a special concert at redrocks last night for DNC pass holders. Boo, not fair for me. But my friend Katie got to go.

some celebs that were on the news last night.

oprah is renting a house on 1st and humbolt, near out friend wes's starbucks. so maybe he will see her and gayle. (maybe they don't get their own coffee though).

ben affleck, kanye west, screlett johansson. kanye west is doing a concert that our pastor has tickets to. well, actually, hunter has a special VIP pass and he gets to go to everything, but gave his DMB tickets to katie and patrick last night. Boo hunter. kanye west people. how cool.

Anyways, yesterday morning, our other pastor saw a huge paper mache thing of dick cheney's head and we just naturally assumed it would be set on fire later.

I am scared to be downtown.

I heard there were large protests for abortion with large crazy scary sad pics of fetuses. and it made one of our friends 4 year olds bawl his eyes out. too scary for 4 year olds downtown. avoid it if you have kids.

But, the famous people are cool. and barack should be here later today, as he was at a bbq in indiana last night.


1. cameron's shoulder is doing better. the reddness is way better. and the small 2mm hole that goop was coming out of is much better, less drainage. he chanegs the bandaid twice a day, and is still on antibiotics. the doctor is gonna stay late at the office so he can see cam. at first he was gonna come to our HOUSE, but i guess he changed his mind (i mean, that would be weird ya know). but don't worry i was gonna take a pic for the blog.
2. cam's in his second week of orientation for his practicum. he is at the counseling center on DU's campus. and when he starts, he will get to carry an on-call emergency pager!!!
3. elsie is 12 days old check out how cute she is. also check out the cupcake onsie i made her.
4. i am going to have breakfast with my friend becky today.
5. these next pics are of me at bethany's house painting. the before pics are just incredible.
who in the world paints their house those awful colors?!?!?!?!

the before was that minty green, that you may
think was okay, but it was all over the house,
with the big baseboards looking all old and pretty,
but some weird molding above that they
had painted maroon. bad choice.
we painted the fireplace wall a deep red,
and the other walls cream,
and the weird molding brown to match.
*selling the blue couch and getting an ikea one

red wall with fireplace

(fireplace is fake)

minty green not so bad in the dining room,

but changing it to cream, much better.

*the china cabinet before

the dreaded kitchen.

yellow countertops?!?!?!?!?

they painted the tile backsplash green.

the trim is maroon.

there are about 12 different colors in there. bah.

the colors in here will be:

golden yellow on walls,

grayish cool color from chair rail down,

cabinets cream,

molding and door brown.

it will look so much better.

our friend shellie (interior designer) helped

bethany pick out colors!!!!

we didn't know what this little gem was.
it's above the door to their bedroom, coming from
the kitchen.
so we opened it up, and we think it was
some kind of electrical housing thing.

this was inside:

electrical wiring inspected and approved

by electrical department
city and county of denver


WHAT? 1909... have they checked it since?

painting the china cabinet.
don't worry, the people before

painted over wallpaper.

we called this color: golden mustard.

look at my midget roller.



saturday nightwe hung out with our

friends autumn, jason, and little aspen.

this is her with ranch all over her face

i will keep you updated on cameron.

-oh ps: dad's wife, maggie, had to have emergency sirgery to get her appendix out! as far as i know, she's doing okay!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

pictures for my blog

These are pics I took from my phone

cameron motel
the curtains i made for the kitchen
i have only finished these, but will
make a set for the other window
and onther window by the stove.
this fabric is a $0.69 pillow case folks.

this is yesterday when we toured the gym
at DU. it has a practice ice rink and a stadium rink.

this is the stadium one. it also has an olympic size pool

and many many fun classes to take:

like yoga, pi-yo, hip hop, cycling, etc.

zoom in as far as you can.

you will see in the back window a

"baby on board" sign

and in the front passenger seat, someone smoking.

yes folks, the baby is in the car.

i was trying to take this so they wouldnt see me and kill me.



more later about curtains and cameron's dr. appt tomorrow.


1. last night cameron did something else weird to his shoulder. i don't know how, but it just started bleeding and there were these blood bubbles coming out.
i felt crepitus (feels like rice crispies under the skin, but it's just air trapped in the
subcutaneous tissue, normally not a big deal with someone with a chest tube,
but i am pretty sure he doesn't have a chest tube).
so we call the on call doc.
they tell us to go to see them in the am.
this is frustrating b/c cam's in his orientation for his job.
we go today and it takes a total (with driving) 2.25 hours.
he misses important stuff.
they also tell us to come back tomorrow to see his regular surgeon.
that sucks too.
they give him antibiotics.
they take a culture of his goop coming out of the hole in his scar.
they say if it's bad, he may need a PICC line (iv catheter that goes into right above your heart.
like a long IV), and get IV abx. boo.
2. I go to get his Rx filled and get some groceries. And as I am walking in
I can't find the script. dangit. finally i pour everything out of my bag, and still don't find it.
I am sooooooooo mad.
I go ahead and shop anyways, and think I will just get the abx later.
3. The people always get mad when i bring my own bags. and the checker seriously puts like 50# of stuff into each bag. she put salsa on top of my fruit. what a douche bag. i had plenty of bags.
4. i get home, step out of the car, a branch almost hits me in the face. and i see the dang
prescription laying in the bush by the car. thank goodness it didn't blow away. but i am still so
pissed. we have no a/c in the honda, and it is hot now and sunny. and i don't want to drive back
to target.
5. i was supposed to help bethany paint her house, but i am so far behind from taking cam to the doc and going to target in the first place, i have to stay here and clean my house. boo.
6. i will post pics later of the curtains i made. and of bethany's house painted (semi).

hope all is well.
check out my sis and b-i-l in India under: Kramers in India on the left hand side of the blog.


Monday, August 18, 2008


Last night cameron came downstairs
while i was watching gymnastics
to tell me his shoulder wouldn't stop bleeding.
why was it bleeding i wondered.
cameron said he was just wiping his shoulder
off with a wet paper towel.
i thought to myself, well, geesh,
how hard was he wiping, and why?
i ended up holding pressure for
about 10-15 minutes
(he's been taking aleve everyday, and
sometimes it can inhibit clotting, like aspirin).
finally i get it out of him.

to treat any possible infection...
*not cameron's real arm*

he was using this.
yes folks, garlic.

it has anti-infective agents in it, and he thought it would be useful.

so he took a garlic pill, then broke one up and was putting it on his shoulder,

as he thought, "man this is a dumb idea," so he was wiping it off, and it started to bleed.


and sometimes (most times) he doesn't like to take my advice for nursing things.

When he came to me, he was "holding pressure" with a paper towel wrapped ICE CUBE.

oh , cam, what are we gonna do with you.

*this story was used by permission of cameron f cannon

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

friends and thrift stores

saturday our friends from OK
came to visit, as they were
on their way back from camping/hiking
Chris and Emily

it looks like a family portrait,
but this was taken on our porch
with a good camera
chris, emily, schnooze, liz, cameron

we went to the Redrocks Amphitheater
and i was singing

then turned around as chris was taking this pic :(

*did you know almost every band in the WORLD has played there?

greatful dead, bjork, beatles, etta james....

we were trying to pretend this backdrop was real :)

wow look how big that rock is?!?!?!?

grilling chicken with this amazing

marinade the crowders got us!

emily bought this pillow with a giftcard at REI
she loves this pillow

what in the world?
at redrocks



they left sunday night

then wednesday i went to the thrift store with a list.

chair for $3.99, check.
a little on the old side, but for 4 bucks you can't beat it
hey maybe i will even recover it later!

$20 amazing drop leave table, check.
this table is in AMAZING shape, and

the legs are so cool.

it needs some sanding and oil

but other than that holla!

i was just wanting any old table for a craft table

(mainly so i can keep my sewing machine set up all the time)

and i found this.

i think i could re-sell it on craigslist for like a

$30 profit, at least!

dusty, but cool

$10 brand new filing cabinet, check.

for the pHd nerd of the family.

$7 rocket dogs, check.

okay, they weren't really on the list, but HELLO!

*this post is dedicated to my awesome cousin Lane that pointed me in the direction of SAVERS, a SUPER thrift store. PS lane: there are like 3 right around where i live, so i didn't go to the one in boulder, but the one in littleton was awesome just the same! anyway, i didn't even venture into the clothes section, but i know for a fact they have awesome stuff. i looked at button ups for cameron, and there were barely worn jcrew, gap, banana, and polo shirts for like $8.

i think they also wash the stuff before they hang it up.

anyways, off to work for 3 days in a row starting at 3am tomorow. boo.


Elsie Rae Rabus
born 8.14.08
9lbs 1oz
20.5'' long
no pics yet, but i will post a link
to their blog when they post em.
good job susanne and mike
i can't believe she's so BIG!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


sus just called from india!!!!
it was about noon her time on Aug 14th, midnight here.

she was good, got to talk for about 10 minutes!!

i miss her more now that we've talked.

she said she can call in a week or two!!!!

i love my sis!

labor time

susanne is headed to the hospital
she's in labor!!!!!
we'll know soon (hopefully)
if it's a boy or a girl!!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


sorry no post for a few days.
thank you to all who made a comment (or tried to :)).
it made me feel confident that people read,
and i am not just posting for the world wide web
of scary old men that stalk people.
cameron's doing so-so.
he is getting sick to his stomach,
despite eating before he takes his pain meds
and drinking ginger ale and rootbeer.
he hasn't been able to sleep AT ALL...
well like 30 min at a time, sitting up,
and even then it's not "good sleep".
he has a post op follow up thursday.
we had some friends come to visit (pics to follow)
Chris and Emily....
they came saturday night and stayed until sunday night.
we watched the opening ceremonies of the olympics
friday night, during a torrential downpour!
i have been a social butterfly
today: hung out with bethany and tired to go to thrift stores
we couldnt find one, one was closed, and one sucked.
and i had dinner with katie at jerusalem.
and i have a chair recovering party with odette thursday!
have a great week!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

This Old House

cameron's surgery went well
not as much pain as last time
percocets are giving him hiccups
took a walk around du's campus with
schnooze for some air and mobility
sorta bored already
watched 3 movies
was watching Judge Hatchett
when I walked in this am
(that's really bored)

the immobilizer sling
and a cooling ice arm sleeve thing
it shoots ice cols water (as cold as 30*)
through the sleeve.
cameron says this makes it
feel realllllly good!

the basement i know it

looks gross, but it's not that bad

left side of basement

rigth when you walk down stairs

storing bike stuff

camping stuff


(cameron's side... he called it)

my area of basement


it's all organized as you can see and i love it

right side of basement

the finished side

it's a pit b/c it's cam's space while he's

recovering. it has the TV and the futon.

we found that the futon as a bed is

much more condusive for us

to watch tv together.

there are 2 open closets in the basement room
and i have those as craft/storage
i will make another dowel rod concoction
for the 4/$1 ribbon i got at michaels
later :)

random closet.

christmas ornaments and decs



presents for peeps....

i will hang some kind of curtains there later

for now it's this tapestry

from the back wall looking thru door

behind me is the tv/dvd/SEGA
cam set up the SEGA
and i loveeee mortal combat

the quilt we are using
some old lady in our family made it

but i dont know who

cam and our cool pics
me &/or sus took all of those

looking down from the kicthing into
basement, the washer/dryer
is on the right, back door on left
key holder i painted with paint
i found in basement on left

our 9x10 bedroom :)

we have an a/c in here!

painting is wedding present from sus
she had her friend paint it for us!

so we have the toothbrushes
and they have to be plugged in
but the cords we making the cabinet not close
so i drilled a hole on the side
that you can't even see b/c the wall is
3" away.... the door closes now,
i'm a genius

the office, the other walls
have pics and crosses and degrees

degreeS for cam, degree for me :)

cute BR w/ pedestal sink, we have green rugs
but they are getting washed

living room looking from hall

LR from front door with sexy drugged up husband
i want curtains over the left windows
and to re-cover the dining room chairs
bookcase may later go into office

1920's tables we got on craigslist
they were $35 each and fit
PERFECT under the windows
i wanted a buffet table, but got better!

(dirty) kitchen

ps: we're doing fine without a


BIG SINK with metal cabinets!

random little barstool area

it's where i eat bf in the morning at 2:30am

porch with clearance patio
furn. from target
i put that swing together MYSELF!

tomato plants KICKING IT!

mint going crazy!

plant on rigth dad gave me like 8 yrs ago

and it almost died like 30 times

in the past 2 weeks it has grown like nuts!

cute cute cute new towels/ pot holder

maggie picked out and sent us!

they go perfectly with the yellow motif!

ps: i am confessing that i made that

pathetic greenish bowl/cup thing in the

window sill.....


til later... Shalom

(leave a comment please, even if it says

"so and so was here to see your blog"

b/c i don't think anyone reads my blog anymore

except Lauren and my dad :( )