Wednesday, April 20, 2011

14 & 15 weeks pics

yes, more belly pictures.

 yes, i look homeless in this picture...
great posture liz.
i don't know what was going on.
14 weeks.
much happier and showered in this pic
15 weeks
(this was after fri-mon stomach bug... not fun)
so i really lost a couple pounds from what i was before bug.
meeting #2 with midwife went well.
heartbeat 140
there was a lady IN LABOR there
and she was so calm and collected...
hope i can be like her.

our crazy dog.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

my feelings are hurt.
if you read my blog...
please leave a comment.
i read yours.
i read your facebooks.
i email, call, text.
i host you at my house.
i let you sleep here.
i make you dinners.
what the hizzy.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

more ultrasound videos!

I love the women in the ultrasound dept!
Not only are they really really good at their jobs,
but they are really really nice.
Thanks to Kate (newly married, see posts below)
for coming with me and making video commentary :)
how is that inside me?
huge difference from a month ago huh?
PS we still don't know what sex the baby is, just wishful thinking we could find out this time around :)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


here are a few pictures
showing that spring has indeed sprung
here in colorado!

 my lovely tulips!

 junior asparagus!!!
just one more year and i can eat them!!!
 more asparagi :)
 onions that apparently weren't picked this summer
and made it thru the winter!!!
 parsley that ressurrected itself too
yeah!!! the lettuce i planted a few weeks ago!!!
hans keeps putting his stupid toys in the lettuce
bucket thingy, so hopefully it will last :)
if you see the shadows in the asparagus/onion/parsley pics
it is b/c i added a fence around the main garden
i cannot trust that pointer griffon. i cannot.

belly shots & 13 weeks

some of you (boys or stalkers) may
wish to turn away before viewing the rest of the blog.
this is not for the faint at heart.
 9 weeks
i think my digestion slowed
and they may not be real baby belly
*still wearing normal pants/but they are kind of stretchy
 10 weeks
wearing old deaconess scrubs
(susanne, DO NOT tell anyone i still have these)
 11 weeks
wearing PJ's
*moved furniture around and had to change photo taking spot
**katie c: you may notice your stollen wreath in the background :)
*** also note hans's head.
****also note me grasping the sides of my pants,
cameron said the butt was ridicously large
12 weeks.
belly actually looks smaller...
maybe b/c my bowels are working again?
*wearing fatty maternity pants... holla!
what is different in this pic... is it my posture?
what the hizzy.
**2 seconds after this shot i felt a bug crawling on my belly and i proceeded to freak out, all the while, cameron was taking pics of me spazzing out... not good not good.

13 weeks!!!! ahh!!!!
( i did my hair in the photo and wasn't wearing pj's, proud?)
seriously... i take these pics when i am off work
as close to my week date as possible.
note: when i work, i usually do not shower.
hence the really really bad hair
and the awesomely cute clothing choices.

Monday, April 04, 2011

el listo

Peeling 4 bananas for banana pudding (last night for desser with some DU peole)
Wishing I could have the energy i used to*pre-pregnancy
Remembering I need to call my cousin Lo tomorrow
Listening to cameron play video games while (he's) working out.
Trying to get up the energy to get off the couch and either a)cut out patterns or b)stain the bookshelf
Thinking about how much i cried over little (and big) things this weekend:
                a) about what if God asked me to sacrifice my child like abraham
                b) watching an episode of glee when sue has a down syndrome sister
                c) that cousin ben can write his name
                d) that i SWEAR i felt the alien in my belly move
                e) chuck and kate's wedding... the program, the ceremony, everything
                f) about how i think i am losing my mind/a lot of hormones are raging
Reading something by John Grisham, just finished water for elephants (loved it!)
Realizing i am actually getting fat.
Laughing about how much i cry as of late. and at our dinner guests kiddos (ages 3 and 6)
                let me just throw out one of the many hilarious phrases de la 3 year old: "mommy did you  shave your penis"? then mom proceeds to say "FYI guys, I don't have a penis". What in the world? little boys are weird, but funny!

kate & chuck marshall's wedding!

okay, since i've posted last...
blogger changed everything all up on me.
what the heck?!?!
adding pictures is better, but weird.
so my pics are in reverse order.
deal with it.

 this was at the dinner portion of the reception
L to R:
lauren, caleb, my empty spot, cameron, matt
we were at the "Sweden" table
(since that's where our whole table was from)
 cocktail portion of the reception
L to R:
emily, lauren, KATE!!!!!!, me, tovah
you can't see, but kate has an amazing hair comb thing
with a feather in it. and during the wedding
she had a cage veil (or whatever they are called) on.
she's amazing.
(I work in the unit with all these gals)
 what is going on here?
cameron was the photographer... not a good thing.
 i love this flower.
 tovah, lauren, emily, me
i was wearing a dress sus and i bought in
cape town in the market.
it's one of the only things that will fit me.
 me and the camburgler.
you can kinda see my belly.
 kate and chuck.
and of course, they met at work.
he's a hospitalist (doctor who only works at the hospital)
and she's a nurse.
how cute are they?
wedding and reception were in the
(an art gallery that we actually used to meet in for church
a long long time ago).
it was super cool and hipster, just like kate.
sorry i didn't get more pictures.
her bridesmaids just picked out a black dress and cool black patterned tights.
they of course looked amazing.
chuck wore a grey suit.
the boys had feathers in their boutonnieres.
the centerpieces were clear vases with a white branch in it
with stones at the bottom of the vase, and
feathers (just a couple) attached to the branch.
we left before cake, b/c i was pooped.
but i am sure it did not disappoint.