Thursday, September 02, 2010

da na na na na say it's your birthday

this boy is 27 today
and i love him
why you ask:
here are 27 reasons

1. i love his super-naturally long eye lashes
2. how he makes himself laugh
3. his love for dogs
4. how incredibly smart he is
5. that he is a "professor" of stats at the seminary
6. the he will be 2nd author of a book
7. that he loves me the way i am
8. that he loves beer and bacon as much as me
9. that he goes out of his way to do things for me
10. that he is so incredibly buff and hot
11. even though i hate this music, he lovessss punk music and i think that's cute
12. he is really good at mtn biking
13. he likes to run
14. he flosses at least once a day
15. he likes to research things before buying them (b/c i hate that)
16. he has new cute hip brown dress shoes
17. he loves his mima so so much
18. he plucks his unibrow
19. he loves coffee
20. he is so predictable
21. every morning i have off i wake up and he makes up silly songs in bed
about breakfast and the dogs
22. he was so upset about hans's cancer
24. he is growing a canteloupe :)
25. he asked for a clementine tree for his bday last year
26. he loves my family
27. he married me

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Lane Adair said...

awww. happy b-day cam