Wednesday, November 29, 2006

mas el snowo

okay, it's been several hours since i last posted, but the amount of snow has doubled. schnooze and i trekked out, and it was above her belly, and poor little thing had snow balls all stuck to her belly, butt, and legs. she was so cute. at one point i was scared she might get frost bite and i carried her back inside ;). anyway, super cold, super snowy, super pretty (snow hides all those dead things (not dead people, but dead grass and stuff)). CRAZY SNOW! oh ps, cameron posted this note on the cabinet, and left this for me: see pics above!

Let it snow!

Okay, so when the high says 17 degrees, that makes you wonder if you will get outside. But when you see the crazy amount of snow, you totally want to! I think there's like 4 inches, and it's still falling (although you can't tell in the pics). It started snowing yesterday at like 3pm, and kept getting colder and colder! Anyway, cam and i decided to hurry up and get our tree just as it was snowing yesterday, so we didnt have to get it in the 17 degree cold today. and i decorated it last night, and it looks so cute and smells sooooooooo good (like christmas)!
I made those staockings last year (Schnooze's name wouldn't fit on there, so i wrote Dog :)).

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


This is a pic from our balcony, so pretty! But basically I thought my life couldn't get any worse (from things going on lately).... oh don't worry, i went to pee this morning, and i flushed, and the toilet overflowed so much that there was like 1 inch of water on our bathroom, and I had to use every towel we had (nice ones included) to sop up the water. Cameron won't answer his phone, so I don't know what to do. And now I have to go to the br AGAIN!!!! AHHHH.

You have never seen anything more hilarious

Okay, so Cameron and I were down in the dumps and we decided to do something about it. So, let me take you back a couple weeks to Target. I was looking through the dollar bin, which I highly reccomend, and I found exactly what i had been looking for. dun dun dun.... a reindeer costume for Schnooze!!!!!! it even had little booties! so fast forward a couple weeks. Cameron and I remember trying to dress her up like santa last year, but the costume was too small (loose some weight dog), but it was hilarious! So we put the whole outfit on including the booties! She didn't want to walk on them and kept picking up her feet, it was pretty much the funniest thing ever!!! She was so cute!

Saturday, November 25, 2006


It was Sophie Lynn Rabus, 19 inches, and i think that was all the corrections.... view for pictures of the little cutie!

awesome (sarcastic)

Sorry I havent blogged in awhile.... things have been crazy. Monday and Tuesday I worked. Sus and Chris came in on tuesday night. From wednesday to friday/early Saturday morning my family was here to celebrate thanksgiving. we played a lot of games and cooked and ate a lot. Boy, I have to say that never again will i cook for thanksgiving, that is too stressful... we'll order everything next year. I will probably make pies though, i like doing that. Anyway, keep me in your prayers. Love Liz & Cameron Cannon

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Sophie Renee Rabus was born November 17th, 2006 at 11:45pm to Michael and Susanne Rabus at Moore Hospital!!! She weighed 7 lbs and 14 oz and was 22 inches long. She is perfect! I can't wait to see her, and when I get a picture, I will post it! Susanne and Mike have a baby!!! Woo HOO!!!!!!!! Good job pushing that little thing out susy!!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

crazy ahhhh

I know I am a bad blogger. I have been really super busy. I got home from the wedding, worked wednesday, off thursday, worked friday (was supposed to work fr-mon), left at 4:00 b/c I got sick (will talk about that in a min), called in sick sat, worked sunday and monday, off tuesday, worked wednesday, had a class thursday!!!! So the sickness... I got sick the last day in OK, kinda felt a little better, but not a while lot. When I woke up Friday morning I felt like crap, but knew I had to work to make us some money. I felt all headachey, super super nauseated (like i was going to have to actually throw up at work) and druggy feeling. so finally they let me go home at 4pm (woo hoo). But i got nervous that all those symptoms could be because I was pregnant.... thank the Good Lord, I am NOT pregnant! anyway I recovered on the couch that next day and felt pretty good sunday and greta monday. So I think it was some kinda flu. I didn't get a flu shot til monday. Anyway... Thursday after my class I got Schnooze's hair cut and bought her a cute aqua colored sweater :). I also went to target! I love target! AND AND AND.... my friend Susanne is due to have THE BABY in 6 days... HOLY COW!!! What is she gonna do with a baby????? YEAH BABIES!!!! Thursday afternoon I went to Heidi's house to teach her how to knit... I don't think I am a great teacher b/c I don't know correct terms and I am saying things like : pull that thing over that deal, and make that stitch come off the end of that thingy and don't get 2 pieces of string b/c that could make you add a stitch and make your scarf ugly. Thank goodness Heidi is a smart cookie, she had like 4 inches done by the time we left. After knitting Heidi and her hubby Josh, cam, and I went to get chinese and we ate at our house while our dogs played!!!! I do have to say that i am super excited for tonight though... wanna know why? We are re-celebrating my birthday!!!! Since cam and I didn't get alone time on my bday... we are doing it tonight! He started the day off by calling me to tell me happy birthday! Then later tonight we are eating at the fabulously acclaimed: Melting Pot! I can't wait b/c I have only heard amazing things!!! Also it is 3 more days until my sister's 22nd bday... geesh she's gonna be old! And I get to see her in 12 days!!!! Sorry sus, you have to wait on your bday present! That is all for today!
The pic is of The Angel Oak tree in south carolina, you'd have to look up the stats on it, but it's really old and really big. Cam and I got to go the Kim and Derek's beach house over spring break last year... they are pretty great uncles!!!!