Tuesday, October 30, 2007

my 26th bday extravaganza!

Thursday night before my bday (on sat) Cam took me to the Melting Pot!!!
I went shopping at Target with Odette before and got this whole outfit!
The skirt, jacket, and super sparkly shoes!
I loved it!
We are holding hands, b/c my overstuffed belly was poking out and it made me look prego
there are the shoes!

at the melting pot

with some fancy pomegranite martini

cam eating cheese!

Then Saturday on my bday, we picked mom and david up from the airport, ate lunch downtown, then went to Whole Foods to get stuff for sushi that night! Mom/David had never been to WF, and they wished they had more time and there were less people (I agree)!

Our shrimp/veggie tempura... emily was in charge of this...
she and matt ogt a baby deep fryer for the registry!!! Tasty!

the sushi!

mom and emily doing all the cooking!

me and odette!


me drinking some of matt and emily's homemade wine (this was cranberry peach)

cam came out with a cake, and the candles said 22...
how sweet, he knew how bad i DIDNT want to be 26 :)
(sad rockies game in background... also look at brian's face, he looks silly)
cam and steve thought deep frying a sushi roll
would be tasty... but they said it was soooo gross

lindsay, katie, me, lauren
aren't they so cute!

team cobra

steve doing guesstures
(we also played madlibs: dysfunctional family... it was hilarious)

Monday: pic of me and mom with her "grand-dog" and we are about to take them back to the airport. David was never in any pics, but i promise he came! Sunday we ate greek food and went shopping for my bday! I got some good shampoo (biolage) and some craft stuff from Martha Stuart from Michaels... and some yarn!!!
Don't mom and i look like twins???
Yeah for good bdays!
Then I had tuesday off, and made a lot of cute homemade cards.
Then I worked wed, Thurs, Fri... and now i am off!!!
Tomorrow I help Emily and Matt move into their new condo! And Just b/c my cousin lauren warned me when I got engaged... I checked my ring prongs everyday, and noticed they were all bent up, so i have to take my ring in tomorrow ... i hope they can fix it while i wait, i feel naked with just the wedding band on.
That's all she wrote.


I will post pics of my bday later, blogger won't let me right now. It was great and mom and david were awesome. all my friends are awesome. thanks for a beautiful bday!
thanks for all the cards and gifts!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

3 more days until my birthday da na na na na na

Long time no blog, sorry!!! I don't really have that many excuses. So... we'll start with last week. Hmmm, last week I don't really know what I did. But, i will talk about this week instead. The pics below will describe the weekend.
Sunday I called in sick to work, which I hated to do b/c I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new job so much. Then Sunday night we had people over for Fellowship Group, and they all finally left at 9:30, but I had to be up for work at 1:52am... and I ended up laying in bed the whole time til I woke up, no sleep at all. That happens every ONCE in awhile, and I usually end up falling asleep, but nope... not this time.... so let's just say I was pretty much a zombie at work, but my patient care was NOT compromised.
Monday night i fell asleep on the couch at 5pm and moved to bed at 6:30pm, so i ended up getting 9 hours of sleep!!! yippee!!
Then tuesday was great at work, and I finally got to see cameron on tuesday night (we miss each other getting home and leaving, and when i work on the days he counsels... we never see each other). I watched HOUSE (oh crap i just remembered I need to watch The Hills online STAT!). Then i went to sleep.
Yesterday I forgot to say that cameron got up and was about to head to school when he got to the Honda and the tire was flat, so he changed it and got out of the apt complex, then the spare went flat. BOO! So he rode his bike to the gas station and got a fix-a-flat, then missed his quiz and then had to drive 30 min to internship. SO needless to say, we were going to anyway, but we got new tires this morning! They were $$, but i guess getting 4 tires are $$ anyway, so the guy felt bad for us and gave us a discount, he was so nice! Totally get tires at Discount Tires!!! While we were waiting (only 45 min) we ate b/f at IHOP!!!!!! YUM! then i ran errands.... I went to walmart for normal stuff, then i had to get organic milk at a diff store... well i decided to smell the shampoos (the nice ones... some KIWI brand or something) and it SHOT into my eye, and it hurt so bad, worse than anything ever in my eye, even a bug once.... and it was so bad, i was trying to get my contact out without a mirror while my eye was forcing itself shut, and i was also trying to dig in my overstuffed purse for my eyedrops....and tears and snot were opuring down my face and people were probably walking by thinking what is wrong with this girl... but i didnt care, i almost went to the pharmacy and got somekinda emergency eye wash it was so bad.... and i had to stand in this corner for like 5 minutes, just enough to where i could semi-open my eye.... still holding my contact, and the basket with milk and spinich in it... walking to the check out... then i self checked out... outa the store... thank goodness. so my eye is freaking killing me... and i think maybe i have some eyelash in there... which wouldnt matter at this point, an eyelash could never hurt compared to what just happened....
ONLY TO SEE, some lazy middleaged woman sitting in her car, watching me shuffle to my car, stalking her parking spot prey... i think "you old hag, you're stupid for waiting for me, my eye just got shot out by a bottle of $15 shampoo, YOU ARE NOT getting my spot..." so i dramatize the whole I can't see thing... and try to make it apparent that i am getting my eye gtts out and putting them in my eye... looking at my eye in the mirror and what not... then someone honks at her to go....so i try to put my contact back in... OH NO... hurt too bad, take it out and just think i will tough it out the .75 miles to my house with one eye. so i start to back up and what do ya know.... old lazy bones circled around to get my spot... she oculd have already been in the store shopping by now.
Anyway, my eye still hurts like crap, and i am wearing my glasses. boo. when will it stop hurting. Reminds me of a time when my friend genesis got blood in her eye at work (i don't remember how) (ps: the pt's blood was clean) but we had to run a liter of fluid into her eye, and she was just screaming out in pain b/c it hurt so bad, and i thought, GEN, you gotta get that crap outa your eye quit complaining... but now i know.... sorry genesis!
THEN, i get home, take the melting ice creams and chicken breasts and what not up stairs. And long story short maybe... out neighbor matt is borrowing his parent's car while they are overseas, so his ghetto run down purple car is in the lot, but he was taking up a semi-good spot, and one say i give him a hard time and ask him to move it... so him and cam get silly and move it to THE BEST SPOT in front of the apt. So while my eyeball was still falling out, i shaving creamed his car: MOVE YOU CAR YOU GIRLY COUNSELOR! and threw away the evidence! and still had to carry 4 pumpkins up 3 flights of stairs.
anyway that is my story. 3 more days til mom and david come! 5 more days til sus and chris's 1 year anniv! 3 more seconds til Lo pops a baby out!!!! And that's all! Oh yeah, and the Rockies are going to the WORLD SERIES!

just some pic we took!
We went to the bar for my bday with my friends... taking a chocolate cake shot (vodka and hazelnut etoh then a sugary lemon) really tastes like choc cake!!!
Jen, Me, Sarah

I got the JONES chugging power!

laughing at Jen for taking so dang slow

Sarah (but look at my face in the background)

We're cute! Then Jen and I played Odette and Julie in shuffleboard and kicked their butts!

Joy, Andy, Wes

Whitney, Katie, Spankries

Steve and Hunter (who looks like a midget but is just far away)

Steve, Julie, Me, Cam

Then back to the house for games.
This is sara - brian and odette's babe

guesstures and cam


brian diving

brian, not acting, but posing for the camera

stephen airplane

cam, don't know?

andy.... hmm????

odette and liz

cam and i hiked the next day

old mining stuff

it wasn't that cold, but super windy, my eardrums
were falling off so i put this hat on that makes me look bald

i just deleted the pic of me, but cam's is the same... look at the snow!

snow on way to church sunday.... cool pic huh?

only had been snowing like 2 hours, and it melted that afternoon... booo

Monday, October 15, 2007


Well, nothing much to say:

1. 12 more days until my bday!
2. 12 more days til mom and david come!
3. 4 more days til i celebrate with my friends at the irish hound
4. cameron is taking midterms this week, boo
5. i got to run some errands i should have done a long time ago today, and it felt good
6. sunday cam and i did the kid's ministry at church, and i didnt kill anyone
7. it was the denver marathon sunday also, and it was very exciting, but 38 degrees and raining. i guess during the chicago marathon a few weeks ago it normally is 40 degrees, but it was 88 and 1 person died and 400 went to the hospital.... and they canceled the race 1/2-way thru.... so that WAS the qualifier for the boston marathon, but then after all that, the denver marathon became the qualifier for the boston marathon. so before that happened, 10,000 people were signed up, after, it was like a billion. anyway downtown was crazy, and a lot of our friends ran in the relay part!!! it was cool!
8. today it is 50 degrees and i love it!
9. there was a bee on our screen door yesterday and it was frozen on there, i tapped it several times and it did not move.... this afternoon, he was gone... did he thaw? or fall off???
10. i went to see into the wild last week, and it was soooooo good! but long 2.5 hours
11. sus and chris are living with tyler boren in a cute place in edmond right by 1st pres!!! yeah for them living in a place they love!!!!
12. lo is about to pop (see their blog: the schats)
13. cam has a lot of cool clients that are working his tail off
14. i feel like i have more time to do stuff
15. i cleaned the office pretty good today
16. i get my hair cut friday! finally!
17. i am jealous b/c my sis got to hang out with my cousins lo and lane (see lane's blog about her being famous)
18. i cant wait until my bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
19. working the next 3 days, will be out of commission until friday, peace out fools

Thursday, October 11, 2007

pics of friday and saturday night

So, this is the amazing view of where we were gonna have the
"colorado reception" for matt and emily, but the winds came in, and it sucked.

it took all my strength not to cuss as i was putting up these
streamers (her colors) b/c the wind was crazy bad and i couldnt even get the tape to stick.
the table cloth has like 40 pieces of tape holding it to the table, but not even that was working :(

the cake was stable, and helping hold the table cloth down :)

look at the pretty rose garden :)

so, we moved the party to our house (thank goodness i had just cleaned)
This is Michelle on the left (she is in ccu with me)
and Miranda on the right, she is a tech on MTU.
Dave our friend from the hospital (he's a new chaplain resident.

Jerry, Michelle's husband and Emily

Another Dave on left, his wife kelly on right and Matt in the back :)

Friday night at the Irish Hound, cameron ordered the
biggest hotdog ever, and steve doing the Team Cobra symbol.
PS: i have completed the present for the baby, but i must wait to give it to Lo until i am back in OKLA, but to those of you who won't show her, i will email pics of it to you :)