Monday, November 29, 2010

we are going to an advent dinner tonight
at our good friends house
homemade chicken tortilla soup.
i love advent.


so, here are some books i have read in the past week or so.
in between making hummus for thanksgiving
and working
and running errnads
and cleaning
and doing laundry...

i liked this book, but i already knew all that organic business.
hans decided he wanted to eat this library book...
do you know it costs $30 if you lose or damage a library book?
a standard fee, and no you cannot buy it on amazon and then
bring it to them.
this book was okay.

hans ate this one too.
it was super informative.
very helpful.
thanks Lo for the recc.

Lo also reccomended this book.
i loved it.
and for the record we are not pregnant.
just talking :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010


what i am thankful for today?

1. my unconditional love the Lord has given me
2. my husband
3. my dogs even though they eat my books
4. that my sister and bro-in-law are home safe and sound
5. fried turkey that i get to partake in
6. colddddddd weather!
7. coffee cameron made this morning
8. the pieces of book i found in the backyard, and was able to tape together
9. coca cola classic (i know it's bad for me...)
10. for my own opinion, and how it is not swayed if people attack me and my opinion
11. babies someday
12. books on babies someday
13. SALES!!!! ( 50% tomorrow)
14. trying to get awesome stuff for cheap/free
15. food soon
16. friends and games!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

halloween party!

for more great pics visit:
our friend dave FINALLY finished his phD
and we FINALLY had a party
cameron and i dressed up as
of course i made our costumes
*thrift store suit i panted stripes on
*tie from thrift store
*bat bowtie from cardboard
*dress from thrift, then sewed random pieces of fabric on it
-ps: makeup took like 3 showers and scrubs to get off

wes and cam
(wes is dressed up as his bro in law, dave, the honoree of the party)

curious george and the man in the yellow shirt

the old man and the sea
(dave and renee)


why am i always the one looking like a stupid head.
*this is the day jill , front left, bought her home!
kimiko's husband had a shirt on that said
so you may get kimoko's outfit better :)
anne was a soccer player

*throwing it back to my roots :)

in the car on the way to party #2
(yeah we're popular, what can we say?)
drink with an eyeball in it

we decided to call these gals
"french canadians"
because elizabeth is canadian.
but really tess and elizabeth were
great parties everyone
we had a great time.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

door to door organics II

It came it came it came!!!!
our box of organic stuff came!!!
it was kinda like christmas :)

a cute plain brown envelope all stamped up

*blue potatoes we had for bf this morning

*bag has local bread made by Rudi's
*and that's not a watermelon, it's some kinda squash
we're gonna make it tonight!
me being happy about veggies!