Thursday, August 30, 2007

liz's pottery extravaganza!

First, it's always good to start with a pic of schnoozeberry!
the bowl on the right is sooooo heavy :), but it's cute, and i bent
the poury thing by accident :)

called aqua libre! looks like broken glass!

I etched out those vines on the inside while it was still leather hard
it started out by being stained green, and i glazed it with clear,
but i guess it wanted to come out brown!

look they fit inside each other, how cute!

a plate/bowl?? under low fire you can get brighter colors!

cool looking bowl

outside of above bowl

cool weird inside bowl like object

above's bowl outside

cool mug, weird shape!

inside mug below! coolio!

all accidental, but cool

fake fiesta orange and teal!

one of my collapsed bowls that i turned into a candy dish/ashtray!

my prized plate, i love it so much, i just want to look at it all the time

a coffee cup that is just about 1/2 a cup (for measuring????)

another bowl i etched out (those dots around the top),
i also stained this green before i glazed it, and it came out this weird color?!?!?!?!

I have about 5-6 more things a coming.... i am trimming some tomorrow, and maybe glazing 1-2 things. i have to add some handles and what not... but my class is over and i am sad.
ps: cam got a new bike, we will post pics later. maybe he won't get hurt as much?
2 weeks til i go home!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see my family!
3 more days til cam's 24th!!!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

cam and steve mountain biking

check out steve's air!
cam crashed and pretty much has a chunk out of his hand.
but it looks like a harry potter lightening strike :)

cam's arm

cam being crazy (he thinks this is fun!?!?!?)
So they are nuts.
ICU has been awesome. i worked fri, sat, mon, tues, that's why there havent been many blogs. I love it even though the hours are so weird (3a-3p).
Sus got an awesome job!!!!! And I get to go see her Mid Sept for the indigo girls concert in tulsa!!!!!!!! That's pretty much it. I get my hair cut today by this girl from church, but she works at a fancy salon that football players go to and news anchor people.... so i am excited!!!!And I am almost done christmas shopping!!! i know i am crazy!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Day of ICU

So today I got up at 01:45am, yes folks you read that right. 01:45am AM!!!!!
I had to be at work at 3:00 and go until 3pm.
It kinda of sucked to get up that early, but I loved it!
The first cool thing happened at about 7am. I was with my preceptor and she was on the Code Team (meaning she goes and runs all the codes anywhere in the hospital).
There was a code called in A pob of CCU (we have 5 pods A-E with a total of 42 beds... crazy huh??). It was some trauma pt who was pretty much bleeding out into his belly. And they had to cut open his belly in the room and stop the bleeding. Crazy!! anyway, they had to wait until he was a little more stable to take him to surgery. but the crazy thing was they worked on him for 2 hours, and 1 hour was cpr, meds, and shocking.... and the dude lived!
The second thing was we intubated my patient for a bronch (ot as cool as #1).
Third cool thing... I got to hold a chick's head still while the Dr. drilled a hole in her freaking skull (to place a drain... see pic above). so cool!!!!!!
I love ICU, but it will be hard, and take awhile til i call myself good.
Shout out to all my peeps in Okla at Deaconess 3North and ICU!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sara Monica Ellis!

Sara Monica was born at 1315 on 8/13/07
she weighed 6lbs 8oz
and i forgot how long she was.
she was wrapped up like a little sausage!!! we took the ginormous bow off her hat later
otherwise people would make fun of her later.

katie holding sara
Sara doesn't have that smooshed of a face like normal babies!
brian (daddy) holding sara

doing a good job!!!!
mom (odette) looks awesome!!!!
Brian looks soooo sleepy :)
It happened in like 15 hours!!!
good job odette!

cam's injury

Cam was mountain biking with steve as usual....when he did some switchback thing
and fell... we think he bruised some ribs (on the inside) as well as the outside.
it looks better now!!!!

look at that deep gash in the middle!


loch lamond/jeep trail

Before we left for the Sushi Den!

Blake eating a double burger on our picnic

me, but look at the scary clouds behind me... it got cold!

cam with scary clouds

schnooze struting her stuff

cam and blake on rock in lake

blake on rock

cute cambot

vomitous burger....gag me
ps i ate subway

with meat before cooking



cute husband