Saturday, January 30, 2010

yoga mat bag

I have always wanted a yoga mat bag.
when i first started yoga, I used the mats from the studio.
Then, I upgraded to buying my own mat,
but to get it to and from yoga, i put rubber bands on the ends.
Then, i got a hemp mat sling.
But I wanted something that i could throw my keys, phone, and water in.
All the ones I saw were too expensive and not really my style.
so i decided to make my own.
the scary part was that i have NEVER sewn a zipper
but i decided to go for it anyway.
i had sewing for dummies and a couple other books.
for fabric, i bought a sheet at the thrift store for $2, washed it, and it was ready to go.
i made the pattern up on my own.
b/c i am too scared to learn how to read a pattern.
plus, i am pulling a sus kramer, and just making stuff up.
here is the finished product.

pocket on the outside

sewed my name on it, with a leaf border

the zipper up close and personal
you can see the mat inside

pocket for ID and key

me excited about the yoga mat bag


Leslie said...

so freaking cute! i love pockets on bags and am always shocked when designers don't put enough of them on stuff. great work.

Lane Adair said...

cute! I got Lo one of these for her b-day a couple of years ago. I am not as crafty as you so I had to buy it.

lauren and brad said...