Monday, January 25, 2010

should we call CPS because...

should we call CPS because...

these children were abandoned without clothes in the woods?
*Left to Right: MariElena, Lane, Lauren, Polly, Liz, Evy holding Sus
and I guess we had been swimming in the pond at Gram's
or playing in the sand?!?!?
dog = Ruby.
this child is being made to model in heels?
*Sus sitting on Onnie's counter, wearing heels, with an awesome bandaid on her knee
this child is obviously not getting fed enough?
*sus, trying to eat more???? watch out folks, she'll eat you too!

*I mean really come on, does this seem safe?
well it was, these dogs were so loving
They were onnie's dogs, she had a lot of boxers, but
the last 2 i remember were Adolf & Commissar


Leslie said...

that top one MUST be printed up and regifted to the parents of these gals! maybe when ya'll are 95 and pruny, you could reenact it! wouldn't that be quite the sight?

Ryan and Katie said...

that 1st pic is too cute! i love all your family photos!