Tuesday, January 12, 2010

question time

just like Lo did awhile ago, i will answer some q's:

1. from Leslie about only having 1 tv in the basement:
-is seemed odd to me not to have a tv at first, esp no cable.
but a lot of people in CO a. don't have one b. dont have cable
so 3 years ago, we canceled cable, and when we moved here, put it in the basement.
it seemed best for the space, and we didn't want to watch it anyway.
i get my news facts from NPR and work, my most watched shows from hulu,
and rent movies/shows from netflix.

2. Lo about first kid to wear capris:
- i think they were just highwaters.

3. Kaite on I look exactly like my mom:
I DO!!!! thank goodness, b/c she is gorgeous!

4. Leslie for bread recipe:
bread recipe then i added garlic cloves throughout the dough.

5. Leslie on creepy guy making creepo comments on my blog:
- i deleted that right away, but i keep getting weirdo posts like that from different people.
i am afraid that if i make my blog members only no one will read it.

6. Leslie on stealing her starbucks mug:
- bethany gave it to me as a thanks for taking my dog out while i was gone" gift.
i love it!

7. leslie on thanksgiving:
no we're not popular, just the only ones crazy enough to make a turkey.
Lane on hough noodles:
no we didnt, b/c we don't have the recipe.

that's as far as i am going back now.
i will try to answer your qs more frequently.

i will try to blog more now that the holidays are over.

4 more months til AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ryan and Katie said...

to not get as many creepy comments you might try adding the word verification feature that helped mine when I got some.