Monday, January 25, 2010

tri county health

well it looks as though it's time to start planning.
what am i planning for you ask?
oh ya know,
just Swaziland.
i really already want to start packing.
but it's a tad early.
i'm not leaving until may.
anyway, i went to the health dept's
website and got my list of immunizations i need for
swaziland, did a price check, and think it will
be cheaper at my dr's office, but they are calling me back.
i need yellow fever, typhoid, and anti-malaria pills.
rabies is like $600, so sus said if i get bit by a rabid dog
she would rush me to the largest hospital in South Africa.
I am so excited, i really can't wait.
Sus said we could to to all these cool places
and maybe even pet baby cheetahs!!!!
Anyway, just a little bit on why I am excited.
*not excited for actually getting the shots though... even as a nurse, i HATE shots.
i get all sweaty and just know they are gonna hit my bone.
on another note... we will be soooo busy this summer. it's ridiculous.
may12-june 2: africa
june 10-12: cameron is presenting at a natl gamblers conference
in portland and i get to go with him!!!!
july 5: steve and LB's wedding
July 30-31: my HS reunion
and sometime in between there i have to work 3 days/week.

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steve said...

my wedding is july 3, not july 5