Tuesday, January 12, 2010

more oldies

seriously, how hot is my mom?
and so skinny!!!
who wears a bikini like that after having a kid???
my hot mom!

sexy sunglasses
also, dont you love my bathing suit????
she has a 6-pack i am pretty sure....

look at judy drinking a pbr
lo with her awesome floaties
and again, my moms flat belly!

how cute am i?
i had that pillow case for so long.... now i don't know where it is

started yoga at a young age :)


Leslie said...

oh man, i love this post. and i can't even deal with your mom in a bathing suit. that's just unfair on all sorts of levels.

but omg, you look just like her.

lauren and brad said...

pretty sure my belly was WAY bigger than your mama's! :)

and btw...don't I look JUST LIKE BEN!? How crazy is that?

Lane Adair said...