Thursday, January 07, 2010

happy new year!!!

we had our third annual (minus 1 year last year) new years party!
it's awesome b/c we have it at our house
and then don't have to worry about driving*
*smart cookies
i forgot to take pics until RIGHT before midnight
I had worked that whole day, taken a 2 hour nap
then got up and got ready
and people started coming over!

a suprise visit from erin who was to have already moved that day
we are so glad she came!
erin, macy, bethany
chad & autumn (her idea for the party!)

andy, erin, stephen, melissa

lexie and lauren

moved down to the basement where the tv is
so we could watch the actual countdown

david and allison showed up!!!!
(they have the beagle that ate my shower curtain)

*stephen's new hat... lookin' stylish stephen!



macy, erin, liz, bethany
*after some celebratory rum shots!

reminiscent of my birthday 2 years ago....

david and allison
it was a great new year!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Leslie said...

so...the only tv is in the basement? ever have one of those moments where you realize others live a totally different life than your own?