Monday, January 11, 2010

oldies but goodies

this is me on my 1st bday i believe.
grandpa made the cake
look how happy and cute they are
so cute!

look how happy she is!
am i patting the cake???

i have been going through old pics b/c
(you know you live in the new electronic age when your 10 year class reunion is all on facebook, invite, photos, and all)
anyway, i was looking for photos to scan for the FB page of my highschool for the reunion.
and i came across these... more to come...


Leslie said...

he looks exactly the same!

lauren and brad said...

ok. your parents are so skinny and so cute. and I'm IN LOVE with that high chair. And I think you were the first kid ever to wear capris. :)

Ryan and Katie said...

You look soooo much like your mom!