Wednesday, December 07, 2011


random pics of the cutest baby in the world!!!!

 waiting for kim at starnucks :)
 schnooze laying on the pillow Lauren made us :)

 weird dog
 don't call CPS... was for picture sake only
 hey guys, i glow in the dark :)

 i love my furry sister
 i like to talk on the phone ;)
 i can sit like a big girl

hans likes to protect me :)
we have been staying warm in the 0* weather and snow
next week we will head to Philly, PA for cameron's
first interview for internship
he scored an interview at KU in lawerence
(what if we lived there with sus and chris)!!!!!!
I have been doing Jillian Michaels workouts
to lose the baby weight, but i still have 8-10lbs
breast feeding is going great
we are trying to get H on a schedule
kinda like baby-wise
where she eats, plays/wake time, then sleeps
and the goal is to get her to sleep thru the night
last night she only woke up at 2am which was AWESOME!!
it also helps me to know when i can get stuff done around the house.
sadly i go back to work jan 3
so i have been pumping like crazy to save up some milk
but i just don't want to go back AT ALL :(
how do moms do it?
i mean even if i could go part time it would be hard
but i will still be full time until cameron finishes internship.
only 1.5 years!!!!
i'll keep everyone posted about the interview!!!


steve said...

you guys gonna move soon? Austin is pretty cool........

lauren and brad said...

I think schnooze is just sad it doesn't say C+L=H+S :)