Wednesday, December 21, 2011

philadelphia, the city of brotherly love

we decided to make our christmas present for the family
be a trip to philly.
cameron got an interview there, so we decided to all go!

 hazel finding out she has a new cousin
she did well on the 3.5 hour flight, thank goodness
we arrived in philly and rented a car
then drove to mt. gretna
where the interview would be
we ate at a local place called blue bird inn
then headed to bed to try and sleep before the interview.
the interview went EXTREMELY well,
and cam drove us to see the site afterwards
it's an in/out patient hospital
 the view across the parking lot
then we headed 14 miles to Hershey,
the chocolate capital of the world :)

 that house is made out of choc!!

 long story short,
i used to be allergic to chocolate
and for easter the 4 cousins were at gram's house
and she got everyone a chocolate bunny
and i got...
a grape one.
also everyone got to have choc. milk
and i got.... strawberry :(
needless to say, i grew out of my allergy!!!
 hazel LOVED the tour!!!!!!

 "i love chocolate mom"
then we drove back to philly
and walked around before dinner

 the hat cailly knitted hazel :)

 i stood here 10.5 years ago
when i was a camp counselor in PA
(same pose...on purpose)

 i made cameron stand in front of the "it"
so it would look like
"You know you love CAMERON"
 cam wouldnt put his face in :(

 hazel busy working before bed :)
then after breakfast,
we headed to the Franklin Institute
the science museum

the giant walk thru heart!!!
the way home was awful...
it took almost 12 hours to get back to denver.
but we made it, and H was so good.
she even slept thru the night 2 nights ago!!!!

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