Wednesday, December 07, 2011

crafts & baby

seriously.this baby is so freaking cute.

 i like coke :)
some decs i made
 i cut out and quilted the letters out of different fabric i had on hand
then i sewed them into a garland using cotton twine

 from the back
 close up

another project i did:
seen on pinterest
make your ball jar top into a pourer thingy
i already had my salt in a ball jar
and was always annoyed about having to try and get a tsp out
oh buddy
then i saw this:

 i just cut off the top of the salt container, and fit it into the outer part of the ball jar lid.
 hazel laughing/smiling ;)


1 comment:

Mike and Susanne said...

Your baby is super freaking cute! Almost as cute as Rabus babies!

Miss you!