Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the blanks come to town

bethany and stephen
(and her sis meredith and her husband justin)
came to town!
they were on their way to breck
and stopped to stay the night after their 20 hour long car ride

 B gets to meet hazel!!!
 hazel loved her aunt b
 stephen "resting his eyes"

then we had a get together for dinner
so people could come over and see the blankenships
 bethany, liz, shellie
ps: b is wearing an awesome skirt she made
instead of studying for her med school finals :)
 meredith on the left
 tori playing with stephen and hans

 she loved loved loved poking hans in the nose and eye ;)
 a picture montage of tori riding hans

 she seriously loved it so so much!
meredith and bethany
we had so much fun with them
we miss them so much :(

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