Monday, November 28, 2011

okie thanksgiving

we flew to ok wednesday
hazel did awesome on her first flight!!!

we met up with mom, david, kim, derek, carole, and ed and ate at the iguana lounge for dinner
then we headed to gram's house
thursday morning we woke up to this

3 deer in gram's front yard!!!!
then dad & maggie came over to meet hazel!!!!
it was love at first sight!

then we headed to okc for lunch at carole and ed's house
in addition to the people at dinner wed night, we added haden, maureen, antoine, gayle, & calvin
don't they look like triplets?
derek, haden, and mom
mom & haden
then we ate and ran
to gram's house for her dinner
it was:
dad, maggie, gram, mark, judy, lauren, brad, ben, des, and baby g (in the belly)
and me, cam, and hazel
ben was so sweet wanting to hold H and give her the pacifier
Lo was practicing holding a girl (there is a chance G could be bigger than Hazel is NOW!!!)
(H is only 9.5lbs)

Gram was soooo cute with H
she hasn't had a great-granddaughter since 2000
After dinner & pie, we just hung out, watched football and talked
the boys were sent to dad's house to move furniture
Lo and I caught up
we were all exhausted so we decided that the boys would watch the kids while we went to get
pedicures & coffee friday.
so cam, h, and i drove to the schatzel house and Lo and I headed out.
we were hoping it would put Lo into labor (she's 39 weeks)
but no such luck.
BUT it was mighty relaxing!!!
then we headed to Edmond and ate a late lunch with
dad, maggie, and gram at 501 cafe
then we headed to the Froese house
to see laura and andy
andy with baby H
andy, h, laura, & eli
the pic we never took when Laura was here 3 weeks ago.
if anyone is wondering, i have known laura since
our freshman year of college
then the next 3 years we lived together
then it was time to see mom and david
mom really knows how to keep 'em entertained :)
jk mom, i love that you put her to sleep!!!
then our last stop of the night:
to see gabs (and hudson) and andy
we met at their awesome nyc loft inspired house
and then headed to Big Truck Tacos
to fill Gabs & Hudson's bellies
she's 24 weeks, but you can't tell...
doesn't she look HOT?!?!?!??!
cam wanted us to do an action shot...
in case you were also wondering...
Gabs and I have known each other since 7th grade
we met at 1st presbyterian church
and have stayed friends over the years
it's hard to be close when you're out of state, but seeing her again
was like picking up where we left off without missing a beat.
love that girl and her husband (and their baby)!!!
then we went back to gram's
and had to wake up at 3:30am for a 6:50am flight
(stupid me)
we arrived home all in one piece, but SOOOO tired.
cam was GROUCHY. if you can't tell. :)
H scored this cute outfit from kim and DD
it also has eyes on the butt :)
it was a great trip, we wish it could have been longer
We love our OK family!!!!


Gabriele said...

Yay! It was so fun to see you guys and meet precious Hazel! Can't wait to see you all again soon!

strat said...
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strat said...

I was amazed with deers you saw in the frontyard.

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