Tuesday, December 20, 2011

 2 month pic
 fell asleep watching gossip girl with momma
 i made these quilted letters

 3 month pic
 with schnooze
 schnooze got in the basket of the bassinet...
shellie and i went out to dinner
to celebrate (verrrryyyy belated) our 30th bdays
hers was in aug
mine in oct

 shellie, mid-sentence
 upside down baby
but look at those boots :)
 pretty eyelashes
 at a 1st bday party for 3 kiddos from church
it was "very hungry catapillar" themed
 jason, the dad of axel

 the party was for: axel, chase, and evelyn
 so awesome!
 autumn, momma of axel

 hazel watching the cupcake festivities
 eating her hand

 chunky cheeks!
 i like to cuddle with jeffery

 i dont quite understand the bumbo

i like the letter "O"

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