Monday, January 02, 2012

christmas in plano- part 1

we arrived in plano on the 23rd
and got to see david and lea ann (poppie & lili)
and blake, jenny, and austin
and alec!
we ate a great homecooked meal of lasagna
and just chatted the night away.
the 24th we all (minus lili and poppie)
had to run a secret errand of getting our photos taken
as lili and poppies present

 alec drove us there
how is he old enough to drive?
 on the way home from picturing
cameron made a stop at Grandy's
for chicken gizzards
that's all he talks about in colorado
and he dreams of getting to eat them
so, to grandy's we went.

 briana, the whippet
she has lost like 1/2 her body weight...
apparently it was just a thyroid problem :)
 alec & cameron teaching hazel how to game
 an early christmas present from lili and poppie
a baby einstein gym
 molly michelle
jenny's dog

 alec has an airsoft gun
and the boys went outside to shoot it
(it's like a bb gun, but plastic pellets)

 i wanted to try
and apparently, you aren't supposed to aim at your spouse :)
 i have a blanket on b/c it's cold
then we had a everyone come meet hazel party
at lea ann's bestfriend's house

 ray & veronica
austin & hazel
 those moss rocks are fake
who woulda known
and the table is covered with wrapping paper
(how smart)!
 lili and cameron
 H in her new OU rhinestone hat :)
 look at that cute toosh!
 austin kissing cousin hazel
 seriously, SOOOO cute
 getting the "reindeer food" ready!
do you love that H is helping?
 the reindeer food going out on the front porch

then we left some milk and cookies for santa
and headed to bed!

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steve said...

Alec is like a giant! terrifying.