Friday, June 10, 2011

last u/s from 6.9.11

so def. watch this one, but there are 4 more videos to watch below.
lauren and i walked down to u/s and had the girls take a peek :)
it's still a girl (yesssss)
and she's moving like crazy.
and my abdominal muscles have split in the middle (normal)
and i do not have an umbilical hernia (like i thought it did)
and she's perfect
and i love her.


lauren and brad said...

call me and talk about your abdominal muscles splitting. it is normal, but you can get them back together while you are pregnant (and/or after as long as you are breastfeeding.) it is pretty important to get them back together so you don't have back pain later. :)

sus and chris said...

i love my little niecie!!!!