Monday, June 20, 2011

how bad of a poster am i?

so, friday it was our 5 year anniversary!
can you believe it?
5 years?
that is a long time!!!
remember these:
i was so lucky that i got to be on call from work in the morning.
so cam and i headed to Pajama Baking Co for breakfast.
he had a burrito & i had a biscuit with eggs/bacon/cheese.
(and my new fav. drink in the WORLD sweet tea).
we got to spend a few hours together,
then I got called in
which was fine b/c it was an easy day.
then i came home and cameron had a card for me.
and a "suprise in the fridge"
we open the fridge and there is a CASE
of my other new fav. drink: Arnold Palmers!!!!
inside the card cam said we could go pick out some
jewelry together!!!!!!!! woot woot!
i had been saying that we could combine:
mothers day, anniv, push present, and my bday present
together and get something awesome.
we ate some thai food for a quick dinner,
then he had to go to bed early, and i went to a baby shower.
sorry no pics, but we didn't do ANYTHING.
then saturday he taught the class that has been his vision for so long.
A Forgiveness Class graduate level at DU.
he wrote all the curriculum
and the SUMMER class was FULL!!!!
he is teaching it over 2 long saturdays instead of through the whole summer.
He got great feedback after the first day,
people loved it AND him :) how could they not :).
I am so proud of him.
then he came home and he took me to Sundance at Park Meadows Mall
to pick the gems out:

 i like that it is 3 diamonds
they could stand for:
the obvious: the trinity OR
me, cam, and hazel :)
and these beauties which I LOVE!!!!
it was a weekend chock full of stuff,
but we had a blast!
i am definately exhausted for sure.
we do plan on doing our annual camping trip sometime this summer, but cam has to finish his class first.
i know i also need to post pics from the garden too :)

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Ryan and Katie said...

I love the name!! Did I miss the post about it or did you just now reveal it?