Thursday, June 30, 2011

catch ups

so, here are some catch up pics i needed to post:

 when i came home from running errands this is what i saw
yes, that is schnooze on the front porch
what the heck
she escaped from the backyard
we have since fixed that
 while i was sewing the other day
hans decided to get in his cage by himself
how cute :)
all those fuzzes are when he eats his bed...
 samurai hans
when we put his ears in a hair tie :)
 radishes from the garden!!!
dinner at cuba cuba last night
those are plantain chips with guac and some other sauces
cam had an amazing regular mojito
and i had a virgin blackberry mojito (still delish)
this was a couple weeks ago
a doc at my work has a crawfish boil every year
and we were invited!
it was my first time to have crawfish!
everything was soooo spicy it was crazy, but good.
unfortnately they had these amazing mango rum margaritas to cool your mouth down...
cam's was very tasty!
how to eat a crawdaddy :), by liz cannon.

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