Thursday, June 02, 2011

21 weeks

pardon the crazy hair and clothes.
i was fixing the basement up, then running to the store.
(the basement will be a post, hopefully today)

 schnooze is staring longingly at the belly
she cuddles it at night
i am feeling her move a lot now!
esp when i am just getting home from work and resting on the couch
and when i am getting in to bed and reading.
it is the weirdest but coolest feeling ever.
i can't wait til cameron can feel her too!
i can't believe i am over halfway done.
seems really crazy, i feel like i just found out.


Leslie said...

seems weird to only let the mom feel for awhile, huh? no? not weird? only fair bc you're the one carrying it to term?

ya...i guess you're right.

(and thus concludes my inner monologue)

lauren and brad said...

you look so cute! even with the messy hair.

I wanna see the basement!