Wednesday, June 08, 2011

basement re-do

so we had to make some room changes since the baby is coming.
so we had to move the office to the finished side of the basement
and we made the office the nursery
but then, where would we have guests stay?
so we made the unfinished side of the basement kinda finished
and it's now the guest room.
this is the scary before photo

 i had even cleaned it out a lot and it had a semi living area designated.
this is the after:

all the curtains are courtesy of jill
she bought a house and they were hanging in every window
(from ikea and target)
and she didn't want curtains at all, so i got them!
we moved a rug for under the bed.
there are some lamps (used to be upstairs in living room)
and a dresser (from target, used to be in bedroom).
all in all i think it's great.
mom & david stayed there monday night
and said it was pretty cozy!

1 comment:

Ryan and Katie said...

awesome! It's like a cabana!