Wednesday, June 08, 2011

22 weeks!

i am feeling her move ALL the time
it's the best feeling ever, but oh so weird.
i have been craving/scarfing down
like they are going to take them off the market.
it's a little sad, but at least there's no corn syrup in them :)
we've been working on the yard trying to make it look good
(my friends are throwing me a shower in the backyard in july)
we think we may have to just lay some patches of sod,
b/c as great as the grass seed is, it's just not cutting it in certain areas.
it's been really really nice outside lately
and i have been able to sit and work in the garden and flower beds
without feeling too hot.
what else is new?
mom and david came by on their way out for the semi-annual camping trip, and they also stopped by on their way back home. it was so good to see them, and for them to see my growing belly!
i have been working on the nursery
so hopefully i will get pics of that soon.


Leslie said...

i can't believe your belly now! definitely preggers! :)
and great work on the guest room.

Andy and Laura said...

cutie cutie belly!