Friday, March 11, 2011


it's spring time folks!
my tulips are blooming!!!
it always makes me soo soo happy!!!!

in other great NEW news...
my friend had her baby Tori Haven
(*means victorious sanctuary)
And in all her style...
she gave little party favors when you visited.
It's only fitting for Shellie to make something
cute after she labors forever.

the note says:
our love and thanks for joining and supporting us
in the arrival of our beautiful baby girl.
place soil pellet in bowl. add 1/6 cup warm water.
put soil in pot and plant seeds.
transplant when sprouts reach 3" in height.
my packet of seeds were sweet pea, but also there
were forget-me-nots.
tori haven brent
are you kidding me?
love love love love love this idea!
cheers to the new mom and dad
kimel & shellie
you are going to be great parents.


Ryan and Katie said...

Wow. She trumps all. I've never heard of anyone having creative gifts for hospital guests! She wins.

steve said...

i fully expect to receive a present when I first see your new baby. except instead of a plant and dirt, maybe like a 6 pack of beer?

ps - i would be much more likely to read your blog more if it was not 100% devoted to your upcoming baby. dont forget to post pics of Schnooze and HanZ!

pps - its like less than 2 months til we're hangin at your house. huzzah!

Leslie said...

steve = funny.

also, steph = can't even wrap my head around it.

Rachelle said...

Hey, Liz! Thanks for coming to visit Tori, Kimel and I. I guess when your baby is ten days late you have time to make things like this :-)