Wednesday, March 09, 2011

9 weeks

well, i sit here writing this in between being nauseated
and craving weird things, while i watch
endless instant netflix.
i am eating:
hearts of romaine with garlic oil,
salt, pepper, and parmesean cheese.
it's like a healthy caesar salad,
but even better.
drinking OJ.
i am not taking belly pics yet, b/c
i don't really have a belly.
i think i will start at 11-12 weeks.
this week my baby:
is the size of a prune.
has elbows that bend
teeth buds are forming (let's pray they don't need braces)
is making urine!
this is so weird.
we go to the midwife on tuesday
and i can't wait.
i wish she would have a magical cure
to stop barfing.
probably not.
cam's teaching stat's at the seminary right now
so i am gonna watch another old
netflix movie.
i am sure i will be fast asleep with the dogs when he gets home.
any suggestions for books or movies while i lay
here and wait for the nausea to pass???
katie: can i say; i HATED never let me go.
i was all pumped that it was about cloning and taking organs...
and then i finished and was so disappointed.
i rented the movie, and it was a little better... but BOO.
okay, back to my salad.


Ryan and Katie said...

you're in luck I just did a book review but since you hated Never let me go, you might not wanna take my word again!! Hope you stop puking soon. OJ was my BFF when I was pregnant. I could chug that stuff down like nobody's biznass. It quenched my thirst like no other.

ely said...

These are some books i've been wanting to read:
Water for Elephants
Hunger Games
Black Heels to Tractor Wheels (if you're a pioneer woman fan)