Saturday, March 05, 2011

eight weeks

that's how far along i am.
it is totally crazy.
right before thanksgiving i found out sus and chris
were coming home.
and with grandpa dying in july...
i just felt like we needed to procreate.
it took a lot of praying and convincing cameron.
but around christmas we decided to start trying.
christmas day was the 'official' day cameron said we could.
i say it was my christmas present.
that month we didn't reaaaaalllllly try
so we didn't get pregnant.
but in january we tried...
and what do you know....
Feb 1 i found out!
i ran into the bedroom (it was 6:00am)
and asked cameron what he wanted to name our baby.
of course he was still sleeping... and he didn't know what was going on.
and i had to ask him a couple times.
then he realized what I was saying, and
we both just kinda freaked out!
i was hesitant to put it on the blog this early,
but i waited a long time for me...
and decided either way i was just going to do it.
i knew you would all be so happy!
my little blog friends.
you people without kids wouldn't think,
but i have already gotten MUCH unsolicited advice
and MANY rude rude comments.
Like Katie said during her pregnancy.
I will ask for advice when I am ready,
and then I will take it to heart.
But seriously people don't be rude.
that's just, well, rude.
here are the things people have said:
person-are you finding out the sex?
me-yes we are b/c i am tye A and have to or i'll die
person-wow that's really disappointing
me-well, you have had 2 kids, and you got your chance, this is mine.
person- wow, this is going to be a longgggg pregnancy
me- no, it's going to be 40 weeks, just like everyone else, why?
person- b/c you told everyone so early, and it's you
me- (bahhhhh annoyed... stalking away)
person- where are you going to deliver
me- mountain midwifery down the street
person- ohhhh, do you want me to tell you some horror stories
me- nope, heard them all, thanks
person- really? i could tell you a lot to change your mind
me- no thanks, i've made an informed decision
person- but you work at a hospital
me- yup.
really people?
the things we know are?
-i go see the midwife when i am 10 weeks on march 15
-at 6 weeks i was getting nauseated mainly in the morning but then
it started going alllllll day, and yesterday i puked for the first time.
boo. so far, today i'm good.
-crackers, gingerale, smoothies, toast, tea, none of it helps.
-i crave different things, last week it was baked potatoes
and the funny thing is that sometimes i crave it,
get it, then can't eat it, b/c it makes me wanna barf.
-i'm not showing yet, i just have a really really
bad muffin top, which makes my pants not fit.
which sucks. BUT seriously, why doesn't
everyone wear maternity pants?!?!? they're awesome.
-we want to find the sex out, and we can at the MMC
-the MMC is 2 blocks from my hospital Swedish,
so IF a promlem arrises, the have made the national standard
of "decision to incision" of 30 minutes, in 7 minutes.
They have a great relationship with the Docs there
and have several accepting physicians.
My insurance covers both places.
i have read a million books
but that was all before I was even pregnant.
now i havent picked up one.
we have a long list of names picked out.
i don't mind telling people at all.
but i think it's annoying when they wrinkle their nose at
certain names.
hello... you got to name your own kids
so shut it.
what will hans and schnooze do?
who knows.
i think hans just wants it to get big enough to play ball with him.
and i think schnooze will protect it.
have you seen all there is baby.
i mean just walking into target it scary.
let alone looking on amazon.
what are essentials, good to have's, and didn't use once items.
what books did you read and recc?
names you like folks?
it's the size of a grape!


Aspiring Earth Mama said...

Congratulations!!!! Great decision for your care provider too! Kudos on being an informed preggo...

lauren and brad said...

yeah. i know. it's overwhelming. let's talk. :)

xoxoxoxoxoxox love you.

Leslie said...

woah. sounds intimidating! but i think you'll be JUST FINE!!! congratulations, dear.

Mike and Susanne said...

Yeah! Super excited! I've been telling everyone at work...they are super excited too!

Essentials: bouncy seat; cloth diapers as burp cloths (make sure they are the thick kind...soaks up spit-up much better); bath sling/cushion;

Non-essentials: wipes warmer; diaper genie; sterilizer (just boil water if you need to sterilize something);

Favorite names: Judah (boy), Acacia (girl), Sage (girl), Jillian

Gotta go get the kids ready to take to church, so if I think of more of these and send them to you later. Love you! Glad you've made it official, and hope you stop barfing soon!