Tuesday, December 14, 2010

shellie's shower

my beautiful friend shellie had her baby shower saturday
she's having a girl, Tori

look how adorable she is!
of course the shower was amazing
even down to the ribbon and felt napkin rings

ummm, yes that would be a little deer on a cupcake
i just loveddddd these little guys!

loved the center pieces
all the tall things are stuck in sugar in glass containers

by far my favorite thing:
homemade mini poptarts on a stick.
yes, that's right, poptarts ON A FREAKING STICK!
they were sooooo good!



okay, this is ridiculous... i have a food baby in this picture...
no i am not pregnant.
great shower for a great friend!


Rachelle said...

Thank you so much for coming, Liz! I cannot stop looking at all the amazing gifts you gave/made! I feel so loved!

lauren and brad said...

whoa. that was a super pretty shower! i wish i could hostess like that!