Friday, March 25, 2011

11 weeks

i have started to feel so so so much better.
less nausea that's for sure.
and i actually want to do stuff.
last week we got our first and second u/s
from the gals at work.
they were so great,
and offered to do it for us.
our official u/s by some stupid dr. got
canceled b/c he had "to go to surgery"
so i decided, screw him. i'm going to ask
the awesome girls at work.
i still can't believe that crazy living,
moving, growing thing is inside me.
it's obviously a miracle.
God is so good.
spring is here
flowers are getting close to blooming
it's getting hotter
(well less cold really)
i'll keep ya posted.
any of you that have kiddos...
what did you do for bedding?
make, buy? and how did you choose a theme?


Kimiko said...

You're right, it is such a miracle, what a better way of saying it than that "it's alien!" like I did! :)

For bedding, I looked around & then ended up making my own. I still have the pattern if you'd like to look at it, although I'm sure you could figure it out without it. I was new to sewing & just kind of powered through. I just wanted white sheets, so I bought those at Target, but you could make coordinating sheets too. You should look at Dara's crib bedding, it's awesome!

ely said...

Hey girly! Did you get mt email reply about pictures?? xoxo

Ryan and Katie said...

I found fabric I liked and made valances and a quilt and other pillows for the day bed in her room. But I think you prob saw that on the blog. We just used store bought crib sheets in solid colors to match and did not use a bumper.

steve said...

Schnoozeberry's fur will make a great comforter. Nice and furry and soft