Wednesday, March 16, 2011

10 weeks!!!!

so this week was a little poopy.
i barfed a lot,
was nauseated a lot,
slept a lot,
and tried not to complain-but failed a lot.
yesterday was my first midwife appt.
love love loved it.
they were so lovely and informing.
i met with leigh, and she was not only super smart,
she had on the cutest anthro dress EVER!
it still was a lot of info they gave me and kinda scary.
but now that i have read over stuff
made my ultrasound appt
and had a day to absorb it
i feel a little less overwhlemed.
this baby is a plum this week!
i can't wait until the u/s on friday,
hopefully we'll get a picture to show you all!!!!
*steve, i promise i will post pics of the dogs soon*


steve said...

not that i dont care about your baby, but I cant see the baby in picture form. and an ultrasound looks like a really static-y alien to me. so ill probably be more interested in the baby when he/she comes.

maybe try to take some pics of Cameron studying or gaming. or cleaning out the toilet paper bucket! hahahaha I'd be interested in seeing pics of those things. (especially the last one)

lauren and brad said...


sorry! But two more weeks and you'll be in that glorious second trimester! already!!!