Friday, December 03, 2010

work christmas party, at the bar :)

we had our work Christmas party
at Governor's Park
on 7th & Logan
(it's a tradition, not christmas, but at Gov's)
one of our charge nurses has the hookup there
we got free wings

my hubub
see that shirt i am wearing?
he picked it out for my bday
all by himself
at anthro!
what a good man!
most of us had worked all day
jacob looks drugged
and emily... well, i don't know.

far left, bruce, is totally australian
deb, in the glasses, is totally crazy but awesome!

yes, that is liz doing the boob grab...
deb and i have a thing ;)

some of the greats

i love these people
people that don't even work with us anymore come
to our christmas party, b/c it's fun, they're fun, we're fun!
aaron and lauren
this would be a typical christmas photo for them.
they like to hunt :)
aren't my friends so pretty?
it was the second day of hannukah
so tovah and i made up a drink
called the: Hannukah Bomb
clementine vodka, soda water, orange
pretty tastey!
great party!

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lauren and brad said...

you've done so many posts! i was behind!

such a fun party! is it lame that i miss work christmas parties? i mean, i never liked the job part...just the celebrations!