Monday, December 20, 2010

dying fabric

the combo of hans, schnooze, and cam =
muy mal for my awesome
PB comforter
the one we got for our wedding
*from laura haws's momma and daddy
is discontinued
it was cream colored and so lovely.
but now there are stains all over
and rips
and it's shredding on the edges.
so cam and i decided with christmas money
we will pick a new one out.
but to make it last a little longer... i decided to dye it!!!
dying with RIT dye goes by poundage of fabric.
i had about 9lbs
but i knew i wanted grey.
but the grey they had was too light.
so i went with 1 bottle of black (for 2lbs)
and 1 box of pearl grey (for 1lb)
i followed the directions
for the washer
and it came out perfect.
the fabric is velvet on one side
and silky on the other...
the velvety side looks slightly purple, but i like it :)

the little white places are where there are holes :)


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