Tuesday, December 14, 2010

christmas time in the city

i finally got pics up of our decorations...
i wanted a way to display the cards we get
but not just on the table
but we don't have a mantle
so i got an idea from ballard design
and then copied it, but added cards

sticks from backyard
stuffed into a thrift store vasey thing

vintage snowman in background
got him for $4.99 at thrift
and he just needed a new bulb!

i could have chosen better things to attach with
but i had these paper clip doo-dads on hand

our tree
with the mustard yellow theme

paper circles cut out
then sewn together
to make a garland!
i used scrapbook paper and old book pages

our yearly ornament
from swaziland
the lid comes off
and the man that sold it to us said
"you can hide your jewels in there"
hmmmm...what jewels does he think i have?
angel made by liz in like 1985
on top of the tree

1 comment:

lauren and brad said...

CUTE! Nice work!

I have seen those circle garlands around..was it hard?

Yours looks so good!