Friday, December 03, 2010

stockings- how to

I was tired of our stockings that we have used since...
and i had to make a new one for Hans anyway.
I also wanted to decorate my tree in a semi-theme
this year... mustard yellow... so i got to work.
i think for all 4 stockings it cost:
2 yards burlap: $6
trim: maybe $8-10?
4 buackroos for each stocking!!!!
plus i had leftover burlap to wrap with...

step 1
use martha stewart in all her glory
and print off a stocking from her many to choose from
trace onto burlap with sharpie
cut out

step 2
don't be an idiot like me
and forget about seam allowences...

step 3
sew the sides together... leave top open
then make a little hem on the top and sew that

there it is :)

step 4

lay out your trim
i only had the trim on the front cuz i'm cheap like that
pin it on
then sew it on
for the loop holder dealy, i just sewed a small piece of ribbon to the top

i was too lazy to change colors of thread, but you can :)

i didn't put names on them
i feel like it gives them a classier, pottery barn/anthro look.
but you could definately add names.
there you have it folks, $4 stockings
(could be way cheaper if you use different trim, or are making less)

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