Thursday, September 16, 2010

basement change & new furn.

the new office area
*read explanation below*
*new lamp to left i recovered shade*
*new lamp to right i got b/c i reminded me of aunt judy*
both thrift purchases
from doorway
we moved the futon to a couch position and kinda made
2 areas, 1 for television, 1 for my crafts/comp/sewing

here is the finale of the bench thing:

and the chair

*i loveeeeeeeeee this chair so much i could marry it

i mean, who in their right mind would put

this in the alley?

obviously they had a mental disorder.

*fabric: ikea

see that cabinet behind the chair?

see it see it???

yeah, goodwill $24.99


i put all my sewing stuff in it.


one more chair shot

and i moved the crafty organizer thingy to the other side of the room

b/c my crazy husband
re-arranged the basement,
and to my suprise... it's perfect!!!
my dad got cam this tv/monitor for his bday
and we hooked it up to the computer
and now we can watch hulu/netflix/movies


steve said...

less pictures of chairs, more pictures of gaming computer!!

lauren and brad said...

I am in love with that chair. I would totally marry it.