Monday, September 13, 2010

wanna be like anthro

So... I really really wanted this $158 skirt,
$98 shirt,
and $68 belt
even though i am working extra, it just seemed absurd.
so what was little lizzie to do?
make it on her own.
with the help of soe begging of her husband for these
and an already owned one of these in tan
i was all set.
i am sorry, and i will post it sometime,
but i did not get a pic of my whole outfit...


got this old school skirt at the thrift for $5
it has pockets= plus
needed to be hemmed/shortened = -

got 5 pairs of different fall inspired/textured pants at the
thrift... then cut them up :)

pinned on my design
anthro's has a bird, and i didn't like it so i skipped that

so, i stitched them all on, then used a blanket stitch
realllllly close together, i think as close as it would go on my machine
to applicae (sp?) the things on

see, looks pretty good!

belt: thrift; $5, gap, size large, had to poke a new hole
for it.... oh well
shoes: thrift, $3, SM, matched the skirt perfectly, but ended up wearing boots
top: wore my jcrew cardigan in tan over an old woman thrift store
blouse that i made into short sleeves
i got a TON of compliments!

i was so proud of myself!


Katie said...

Yes, compliments from ME. Because it looks so FABULOUS. I am not kidding--I went looking for a cheap skirt this weekend for you to applique for me...
Love, Punchy

Leslie said...

i'm proud of you, too.

Rachelle said...

liz, it turned out great! way to go.

ely said...

Soooo Cute!

ely said...

soooo cute!! Make me one!