Friday, September 03, 2010

holla at the porter thrift shop

okay i broke down
and went to 3 thrift stores today
but apparently it was totally worth it
see this little leather jem (and not as in barbie and the rockers)
it is a full on Coach Purse
with a # and everything
how many bones did i fork over to those hospital volunteers?
less than a McDonald's Meal
holy aspen trees batman
maybe it's over priced,
but it used to be $248
and i said in the post people could make an offer.
what do you think...
should i drop the price?
when i found it at the store, i thought, that is cute, i may want it for me!
but then i noticed, hey i think this is real leather
(a find at the thrift store if you know what i mean)
hey, i think this may be a... WHAT the WHAT... coach?
and those little ladies never even knew.
bless their souls.
pray someone buys this purse,
so i can get some moolah!

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