Thursday, September 02, 2010

Liz A-Z

me from a-z
a: area code: 405
b: bed size: queen
c: chore you hate: cleaning bathtub
d: dogs name: schnoozeberry mcschnauzerpants & hans hershal "tripod"
e: essential "start of the day" item: breakfast and coffee
f: favorite color: green
g: gold or silver: both now that i am older
h: height: 5'9''
i: instruments you play: clarinet & guitar
j: job: nurse in the neuro/trauma ICU
k: kids: someday
l: living arrangements: in a cute house in denver (renting)
m: mom's name: rayma jon riggs jones
n: nickname: liz, lizard, dizzy, cheese whiz, lizzie
o: overnight hospital stay: nope
p: pet peeve: oh so many, smacking, being late, following too closely in a car, no blinker
q: quote from movie: "you made me bleed my own blood, NO ONE makes me bleed my own blood"
r: righty or lefty: righty
s: siblings: sister, sus, 3 years younger, but agesssss cooler
t: time you wake up: for work 1:51am...boooooo/ tattoos: right foot: symbol of the trinity, left foot, dove with olive branch
u: underwear: YES
v: vegetables you dislike: brussel sprouts
w: ways or reasons you are late: i am never late, being on time is late :)
x: xrays: 2nd grade, hairline fracture of arm... mom didn't believe me
y: yummy food you make: apple pie, pizza, bread, ravioli
z: zoo animals you like: giraffes, rhinos, zebras, okay people, i love ALL animals

now you're turn!

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