Tuesday, July 06, 2010

May 21st- part I

We drove to Franschhoek

for lunch at a vineyard

La Petit Ferme

all i have to say is:


this photo was taken for Gram,

she wanted us to toast her while we were drinking

amazing wine, so we did!

so, i have pics somewhere of my food, but guys, it was the best meal i've ever had.
I got the "chef's special"
(but asked what it was first)
Seared Tuna with tempura fried sweet potatoes
holy crap,
then they paired it with one of their amazing white wines!!!
it was fabulous.
we had a soup for an appetizer, and it was (i'll have to find my journal)
but curry and something with apples...
anyway, SO GOOD...
so i asked for the recipe as a joke.
and no lie...
the chef came out and personally gave it to me along with the recipe for the bread.
to bad im taken!!!!
sus and chris got good food too, but not as good as mine.
it was pricey, but totally worth it!!!!!

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Katie said...

I want the recipe! And the chef too! (just kidding) But you had better give me that recipe or we are NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE.