Monday, July 19, 2010

grandpa, we will miss you.
i can't day enough nice things about you,
especially without crying.
you were loved. a lot.


Andy and Laura said...

I hope you read some of the comments on the guest book on Some very sweet comments about your grandpa, what a kind man he was, and how much he was loved and will be missed.

Ryan and Katie said...

I'm so sorry Liz. Praying for your family. It sounds like he was not only a wonderful grandpa but also a wonderful man!

steve said...

So sorry Liz. Your family is in my prayers. I think cam and I can make your grandpa an honorary team cobra member if you think he would have liked that. ;)

Ps. So good to see you guys. Put your pics up when you get a chance.

Leslie said...


so sorry, friend. that's just terrible. sending you lots of healing love!