Tuesday, July 06, 2010

May 20th

we went to stellenbosch for a wine tour
it was about 1 hour from cape town
and it has TONS of wineries
if you've had a SOUTH AFRICAN wine, it was
from stellenbosch.
we went to 4 wineries
tasted 22+ wines
also did a cheese tasting
and an olive oil tasting!

cheese tasting

this was the 3rd vineyard

it was almost winter, so all the vines were changing colors and it was so beautiful!

4th vineyard
fancy schmancy
also had the olive oil here :)
so much fun
dont worry, we had a driver
sorry for the lack of posts... i am getting back into the game
back from texas for 2 weddings in 1 day
and have a couple days off
bethany and stephen are all moved to alabama
going to see Eclipse today with lauren (that's how crazy it's been)
and starting the 30 day shred (10 year hs reunion end of ths month)
so yeah yeah yeah :)

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Leslie said...

can't believe how long it's been since your last post! glad to hear you've been busy having fun.